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Cash Register
Review date:February 1, 2002
Version reviewed:3.11 (see Updates below)
NOTE: the review only pertains to the version/date mentioned above. Subsequent versions could be quite different from the reviewed version.

Cash Register will turn any PC computer into a fully functional cash register which will work with any computer printer, receipt printer & cash drawer, or with no printer at all.

It features an easy setup minimum mode for garage sale, etc or use the full POS system to track up to 5,000 different items, stock number, description, price, tax rate, pieces & dollars sold, inventory, category and vendor. Cash Register lets you input your inventory or shipments received, can tracks sales by up to 28 sales people, prints several reports, and more.

Offering hundreds of options, this program can be as sophisticated and complex as almost any commercial POS program, or it can be set up in a minimum mode for a garage sale, or very small business, with a single click.

The only thing that prevents Cash Register from totally taking over all POS (point of sale) tasks is the built-in limitations – maximum 28 sales staff, maximum 5,000 different items in stock table, maximum 60 lines per sale, maximum $9,999.99 per item, and the maximum sale is $9,999,999.99.

There were many areas of Cash Register which impressed us but ones we didn't expect were the rounding controls for countries which don't have small coins (you can round to 1 cent or 5 cents). We also likes the International considerations which means the program can be used in any country which has a decimal based monetary system (the $ currency symbol need not be displayed).

Cash Register can handle all sales information, even open your cash draw and print out your receipt(s). You can even connect a barcode scanner to your computer and input that information!

If you have a small business you will find this to be a wonderful solution for all of your point of sale tasks. If you have a stall in a flea market, or have yard sales at home, then this is the best way of keeping tabs on what is sold.

We were impressed, very impressed!

Update:May 22, 2002

Cash Register has been updated to version 3.42.

The author advises that changes in this version include: using a scanner when asked to enter the "vendor's stock number"; two new restaurant features added (it will now print sales checks to present the bill to the customer, and will now track employee tips paid at the register); ring up items just by scanning them and you only have to touch the keyboard to correct a price, or quantity, or to total the sale; and some small bug fixes.

This amazing program just keeps on getting better and better!

Update:January 8, 2003

Cash Register has been updated to version 4.12.

The author advises that changes since version 3.x include: there is now a way to use the Windows printer drivers (including serial & USB); a "stock table" feature to prevent a sales person from changing the price on an item during a sale; a phone mask allows you to format the appearance of the phone numbers; export a customer database to a printer or as a data file; optionally display each line of the receipt with tax included; if there are two tax rates for each item you may have one of the tax rates tax the other; set to rounding of tax to the next penny from .01 to .99 of a penny; choose to enter customer info at the beginning or end of the sale; many bugfixes; and more.

This superb program has just been made even better! While it can be used as a teaching tool, it is a fully functional program suitable for most small to medium retail businesses.

Update:March 19, 2003

Cash Register has been updated to version 4.15.

The author advises that changes in this version include: does a much better job of rounding sales to the nearest penny when using "included" tax (countries other than the US use "included" tax); and labels on receipts, like Sub Total, Discount, Tax, Price, etc, can now be changed to anything, or any language, you wish (while the screen still must be in English you may now print receipts in Spanish, French, German, etc).

Update:August 6, 2003

Cash Register has been updated to version 4.19.

There have been some additions to the program, and quite a few bug fixes. This is an amazing program which is highly recommended by CFS.

Update:August 13, 2003

Cash Register has been updated to version 4.20.

The author advises that changes in this version include: opening cash fund (you may now enter an opening cash fund when you open the cash register); payouts (you can now make cash payouts from your register to pay vendors, cash pay checks, petty cash, etc); added an MS Excel file STOCK TABLE.XLS (a blank formatted stock table that you can use to create a text file that can be loaded into the stock table); plus a number of bug fixes.

Update:November 20, 2003

Cash Register has been updated to version 4.25.

The author advises that this version adds a new command, "goto after sale" (use this feature to determine where you go after a purchase, return, or payout has been completed).

The "Merchandise tracking" feature has been removed from the POSCONFG.EXE program. Instead you now use the "Stock table" feature in the POSCONFG.EXE program.

Update:December 17, 2003

Cash Register has been updated to version 4.26.

The author advises that changes in this version include: addition of new features (Purchase Orders, Inventory, Model, Pack, & Cost) plus fixing a bug where "Reports" multiplied inventories by 100 when rounding was set to "1".

Update:March 24, 2004

Cash Register has been updated to version 5.0.

The author advises that this version has the ability to use the program to run multiple registers in the same store over a network. No other changes have been made so users who do not require network support may find their existing version will suffice.

Update:May 12, 2004

Cash Register has been updated to version 6.03.

The author advises that changes in this version (and version 6.0) include: now tracks up to 56 employees (formally 28); the stock table now holds up to 13,000 different items (up from 5,000); add a "Sale price" column in stock table which will over-ride the regular price when ringing a sale; regular prices and sale prices can now be saved to files to be loaded later; stock numbers may now be up to 14 digits long; and "Pieces" may now go to 3 decimal places (eg 123.456).

Update:August 5, 2004

Cash Register has been updated to version 6.10.

The author advises that changes in recent versions include: support for serial pole displays; added a "Stock table" feature in the POSCONFG.EXE program to allow negative inventory counts in the stock table (if you sell something but your inventory for that item is zero your inventory will become less than zero); and various bug fixes.

Update:August 25, 2004

Cash Register has been updated to version 6.13.

The author advises that changes in this version (and 6.12) include: LOOKUP.EXE has been added to allow you to place a networked computer on the sales floor so your customers can look up items to check the correct price and quantity in stock; and a Stock Table has been added so you can quickly access groups of stock items rather than just been limited to 20 individual items as before.

Update:September 8, 2004

Cash Register has been updated to version 6.14.

The author advises that new features in this version include sorting lines in the stock table. There were also some bug fixes in this version.


Below: there are hundreds of settings in many categories

Below: a sample sale

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Last Updated: Sunday, December 18, 2011

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