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Review date:November 2, 2001
Version reviewed:1.21 (see Update below)
NOTE: the review only pertains to the version/date mentioned above. Subsequent versions could be quite different from the reviewed version.

Metty is a tool which creates 33 different Meta tags that help Web pages to be properly indexed by search engines, thereby increasing rankings.

It features: import an HTML file from a hard-drive or the Web; can insert generated Meta tags into HTML file; supports Dublin Core Meta tags; save tags as a file for use as a template; and more.

This is one of the best Meta tag creation tools we have seen. It offers a sample set of Meta tags so that you can see what is supposed to be in each slot and it also offers a reasonably good Helpfile to explain what each tag does. The Helpfile also offers some advise on what to insert to get the best response, though this information could have been a little more detailed.

If you already have a Webpage which includes some Meta tags, you can get Metty to import them so that they can be added to and modified. Once you have finished, it will insert the new tags into your document which can then be pasted over the original. The generated tags can also be copied into the Clipboard for manual insertion into your page.

You don't have to know much about Meta tags to use Metty but the more you do know the better the tags you will use.

We would have liked to have seen some more advise on, say, the optimum number of keywords to use and some further advise on duplication of names, etc. Not all search engines use Meta tags and even the ones that do only use them as part of the overall strategy to rate your pages – other factors, like the number of sites which are linked to yours, are also important.

Either way, you should have a comprehensive list of Meta tags on your Web pages and we cannot find a better tool for creating them than Metty.

Grab a copy now!

Update:November 20, 2002

Metty has been updated to version 1.31.

The author advises that changes in this version include: improved checking for duplicate tags before inserting; all elements and attributes are now generated in lower case (except DC); fixed installation bug that caused 2 instances of the program to launch in XP; removed custom cursor from About window; improved graphics and layout of About window; new "Fill in Examples" data; minor improvements to Help document; and improved Setup program.

Screenshots (fullsize):

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Last Updated: Sunday, December 18, 2011

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