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Date Added:   Program: Size:   Category & Link:

Apr 06, 2011   Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year  (city sim) 57MB+   WinXP General Game
Mar 31, 2011   IObit Unlocker  (unlocks locked files) 1.45MB   WinXP Desktop Utility
Mar 31, 2011   Nullsoft Winamp  (multimedia player) 11.4MB   WinXP Multimedia Program
Mar 30, 2011   Hamster Free Zip Archiver  (archive manager) 378kB+   WinXP General Program
Mar 31, 2011   Last Conundrum of Da Vinci Deluxe (puzzle) 23.1MB   Win98 General Game
Mar 30, 2011   PhoXo  (powerful image & photo editor) 4.39MB   WinXP Graphics Program
Mar 30, 2011   GeoIP  (determines location based on IP address) 1.29MB   WinXP Internet Related
Mar 30, 2011   Army Tanks 2  (action tank battle RPG) 10.7MB   Win98 General Game
Mar 24, 2011   KeyFreeze  (blocks the keyboard & mouse) 497kB   WinXP Desktop Utility
Mar 24, 2011   Izreke TextPad  (RTF editor) 84kB   WinXP Text Program
Mar 24, 2011   Your Free DVD Ripper  (rips DVD movies) 1.34MB   WinXP Multimedia Program
Mar 24, 2011   Perfect Detonation  (exploding bomb puzzle) 3.91MB   WinXP General Game
Mar 23, 2011   Paint XP  (use the old XP version of Paint in Win7) 1.03MB   Win7 Graphics Program
Mar 23, 2011   Simnet Uninstaller  (program uninstall manager) 672kB   WinXP Windows Extra
Mar 23, 2011   Music Frost  (music downloader/converter) 9.61MB   WinXP Internet Related
Mar 23, 2011   Galaxy Invaders  (top down space shooter) 14.5MB   WinXP General Game
Mar 17, 2011   FoxPlayer  (audio player) 17.1MB   WinXP Multimedia Program
Mar 17, 2011   Clipboard History  (access copied text) 1.07MB   WinXP Desktop Utility
Mar 17, 2011   JukeRec  (Internet radio station player/recorder) 6.71MB   WinXP Internet Related
Mar 17, 2011   Build-a-lot  (real estate buying/selling) 47MB+   WinXP General Game
Mar 16, 2011   USB Guardian  (USB disk virus defender) 5.93MB   WinXP General Program
Mar 16, 2011   DAZ Studio  (3D modeler) 122MB   WinXP Graphics Program
Mar 16, 2011   Spellchecker  (check the spelling of a word) 344kB   WinXP Text Program
Mar 16, 2011   Alien Strike  (3D vehicular combat) 37.5MB   WinXP General Game
Mar 10, 2011   WOW Slider  (HTML slideshow) 11.2MB   Win98 Internet Related
Mar 10, 2011   License Crawler  (displays product keys) 128kB   WinXP Desktop Utility
Mar 10, 2011   Sky Bubbles Deluxe  (a Lines clone) 8MB+   WinXP General Game
Mar 10, 2011   Pages Converter  (converts Mac Pages to TXT) 2.78MB   WinXP Text Program
Mar 09, 2011   Free DVD to DivX Converter  (video converter) 17.1MB   Win98 Multimedia Program
Mar 09, 2011   RAWDrop  (converts RAW images) 644kB   Win98 Graphics Program
Mar 09, 2011   Last Space Fighter  (top-down scrolling shooter) 11.1MB   Win98 General Game
Mar 03, 2011   Cipha  (encrypts confidential messages) 134kB   WinXP Desktop Utility
Mar 03, 2011   EMCO Remote Registry Exporter 35.9MB   WinXP Windows Extra
Mar 03, 2011   yWriter  (a novel writer's tool) 1.84MB   WinXP Text Program
Mar 03, 2011   BoxWorld  (Sokoban-style puzzle) 503kB   Win95 General Game
Mar 02, 2011   Dr.Web LiveCD  (Linux-based rescue disk) 156MB   Win95 Internet Related
Mar 02, 2011   Hanso Recorder  (audio recorder) 3.88MB   WinXP Multimedia Program
Mar 02, 2011   AnyPic Image Resizer  (batch convert images) 3.99MB   WinXP Graphics Program
Mar 02, 2011   AlienXcape  (sci fi first person shooter) 351MB   Vista General Game

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