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If you want to reach people interested in software then the Completely FREE Software (CFS) weekly newsletter is an excellent venue for your targeted advertising dollar.

Please note that all prices on this page are in US dollars.

CFS Statistics

CFS conducted a survey of its visitors. The survey results (from 548 visitors) found that:
  • 75% were males, that 83% were 35 years of age or older (34% of the total were between 45 and 54 years of age)
  • 71% earned more than $25,000 per year (29% of the total earned in excess of $50,000 pa)
  • 40% were College graduates (another 33% have been to College but did not graduate)
  • 21% were retired
  • only 2% were unemployed and the remainder (over 75%) were mainly in a professional/technical or self employment position.

Newsletter Advertising

Line advertisements (in ASCII text) can be inserted into our weekly e-mail newsletter. Six lines of text, each no more than 65 characters long, can be inserted at the top of the newsletter.

The insertion rate is a sensational $0.0050 per subscriber ($5.00 per thousand subscribers)! Check with other e-zines and see if they match that figure! Book and prepay two ads in one month and receive a third ad free in the following month (not available to agencies). For current subscriber numbers (over 17,000 in June 2003) contact the CFS editor, Graham Pockett.

This is an opt-in newsletters so it is sent out by request only. It is not sent out unsolicited.

Line ads must be ‘G’ rated and must not contain any offensive or defamatory material, nor must they directly link to a site which carries offensive or defamatory material. Kooronya Holdings is the final arbitrator to what is considered offensive or defamatory.

For newsletter advertising, contact Graham Pockett at Kooronya Holdings.


All prices are in US dollars and all ads must be prepaid.

Checks for all advertising must be made payable to Kooronya Holdings and mailed to:

    Graham Pockett
    Kooronya Holdings
    33 Kuburra Road
    NSW 2250
Phone: +61 2 4367 2489
Email: The Australian Business Number (ABN) for Kooronya Holdings is 29 748 484 220. GST must be added to all payments made within Australia.

Discounts are available for bulk advertising.


The software listed on the Completely FREE Software website is provided AS IS and the WebAuthor(s) of the Completely FREE Software website makes NO WARRANTY or representation either express or implied with respect to any listed software its quality accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose.

Completely FREE Software is a program listing service and software library. It does not produce its own software. Like any library it does not enter into copyright disputes between authors publishers and copyright holders. It is up to the legal owner to pursue copyright infringements directly with a program’s author and/or publisher. Completely FREE Software assumes that ALL copyright issues are resolved (even when told otherwise) and that program authors have full permission to use the characters, concepts and ideas presented in their programs. Program authors and publishers can request that Completely FREE Software remove any listed program and this will be carried out as soon as possible. A program will also be removed if Completely FREE Software receives notification from a duly recognized Officer of the Court pertaining to a legal ruling which would prevent that program from being listed. However RESPONSIBILITY and LEGAL LIABILITY in the area of copyright rests solely with the program author and/or publisher and not with Completely FREE Software or its WebAuthor(s), staff or agents.

To the best of our knowledge ALL listed programs were completely free for non-commercial use when first listed and we encourage users and program authors to report any instances where this might not now be the case. Users are reminded that some software authors change their program’s status from freeware to shareware after it becomes popular, as is their right.

The WebAuthor(s), staff and agents of the Completely FREE Software site recognize the trademarks company names and program titles as being the property of the relative companies program authors or copyright holders and their use on this site is not intended to infringe on those rights.

We request that users consult directly with program authors if they have a problem with a particular program. We have neither the resources nor the time to try and sort out individual problems. By liaising directly with the program authors you will be helping them to keep their programs up-to-date and bug-free.

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