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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

PC-Safe Pro
Safely store login information (site address, user name, password & additional notes) for favorite sites so they are not fogotten; features database protection using a 160-bit key, password generator, print, search, export to HTML & TXT, etc. Requires Win98/IE5 or later.
Review/screenshots 385kB

Remote Queue Manager (Personal)
Remotely controls all print jobs, both locally and across a network, allowing the user to see what documents are in the spool; features copying/moving print jobs between local printers, changing default parameters of print jobs, and more. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 599kB

MPSV File Splitter
An easy-to-use file splitter that dices up a single large file and makes it easier to transport; features built-in segment calculator, splits large files up to 26,000 parts, and more. Requires Windows XP or later plus .Net framework v2.0.
Review/screenshots 342kB

An RF (radio frequency) calculator for many items related to radio waves; calculates the wavelength & proper antenna length for any given frequency, includes an "Inverse Square Ratio" calculator, and more. Requires WinXP or later plus .NET Framework 1.1. CFS download
Review/screenshots 383kB

Bodie's Calendar Lite
A desktop calendar with alarm and notes; features stay-on-top mode, minimizes to a desktray icon, supports drag 'n drop, search & replace text in current note or across all notes, highly configurable, built-in image viewer, and more. Not suitable for Win95.
Review/screenshots 108kB

Automatically blanks the screen, displays an image, etc when the mouse cursor is placed in one of the corners of the screen; features optional tracking of screenshots, adjustable sensitivity zone size, and more. Requires Windows 98 or later.
Review/screenshots 385kB

Hide Window Hotkey
Hides or closes all (or some) programs displayed on the screen (through a mouse hotkey or a keyboard hotkey) in order to prevent uninvited persons from seeing them; features 8 built-in skins, good Helpfile, otional password protection, and more. Nagware.
Review/screenshots 884kB

My Scroll v1.0.5
Scroll any window horizontally by holding down the Ctrl (or Shift) key and rotating the mouse wheel; features optional profiles for Powerpoint & Word, speed up or slow down vertical or horizontal scrolling, add scrolling to all applications, and more. Requires Win98 or later.
Review/screenshots 337kB

Sarbyx TrayClock
An advanced replacement for standard Windows desktray clock; features optional date & seconds display, supports 12 & 24 hour formats, transparent background, 50 skins in the distribution, possibility to use Winamp skins, and more. Requires Windows XP or later.
Review/screenshots 442kB

Prevx CSI
A malware (malicious software) scanner that scans for all forms of malware on a computer; features fast scanning with on-line reporting, does not require any installation, simple to use, and more. Requires WinXP or later plus on-line connection.
Review/screenshots 1.48MB

Charview by BB v1.02
A font viewer and character selector; features display of all characters within a font, selection of individual characters, display of ASCII code for each character, bold/italic variations, vary font size, and more. Nags for free password (not required) & requires VB6 runtime files.
Review/screenshots 92kB

Web Hosting

F-Erase (formerly Computer Cleaner)
A fast computer cleaner that deletes a lot of logs and unneeded files to speed up the computer and clean some space out on the hard drive; features options to clean the computer at logon and/or logoff plus startup and/or shutdown. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 19kB

Open Ports Scanner v1.1
An enhanced Netstat utility that monitors open TCP & UDP ports, and the applications that open them; features optional auto refresh, export results to CSV file, terminates unwanted connections, TCP or UDP view filter, and more. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 456kB

Squeaky Clean
Traps the mouse pointer so that the mouse ball can be removed for cleaning without causing any problems with programs open on the desktop. Requires Pentium 200MHz with 128MB RAM.
Review/screenshots 247kB

Shows the relative size of both files and sub-folders within a folder or drive; features selection of sort order, view files' metadata, view the folder/file size, and more. Requires Win98 or later plus Internet Explorer 6 & Windows Scripting Host (WSH) 5.1.
Review/screenshots 26kB

Path Creator
A small utility program which creates a folder structure by simply typing in the path; suitable for creating folder structures many levels deep.
Review/screenshots 289kB

A tool that helps maintain user privacy by removing all traces of Internet and PC activities; features support for both IE and Netscape browsers, optionally cleans 7 different Windows items & 10 Internet items, easy to use, etc. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 6.95MB

A keyboard macro recorder and player; features hotkey operation, an unlimited number of macros can be saved, macros can be encrypted, can playback multiple copies of a macro, and more. Requires Windows XP or later plus Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
Review/screenshots 0.98MB

Free Disks Monitoring Software
A network disk usage monitoring tool for Windows servers & workstations; features auto scan of the network, monitoring dashboard, smart scheduling, auto sorting, configurable layout, graphical usage bar, and more. Requires WinXP or later, advertiser supported.
Info/screenshots 1.55MB

Quick ShutDown
Shutdown, reboot or logoff a Windows session by clicking on the desktray icon; features support for hotkeys and can optionally force reluctant windows to close.
Review/screenshots 509kB

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