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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

Stiletto v1.9W
A terrific full-featured button bar launcher; features alarm, Y2K date compliance, control over open programs, etc. Suitable for Win9x.
Review/screenshot 261kB

Catalogs directories/files (on fixed & removable media) and is LFN compatible.
Review/screenshot 112kB

DOS-based ASCII text editor with spell checker, thesaurus, macros, etc; fabulous!
Review/screenshot 236kB

ClipText v1.0
Quickly access preset (boilerplate) text through the Windows’clipboard. CFS download
Review/screenshot 50kB

AllChars v1.22
Quick access to many non-keyboard characters including accents & typographic. Win.3.11 & Win9x – later versions for 32-bit Windows also available.
Review/screenshot 38kB

An antispyware tool to assist in finding and removing malicious software, often called "malware" (some browser & desktop hi jacking programs, including keyloggers, adware modules, spyware modules, trojans & dialers). DOS, suitable for Win3.x & Win9x/ME/XP. CFS download
Review/screenshots 209kB

AddMenu v0.4.1
Add options/commands to the system menu (top left) on all windows; includes a small program called “Run” designed to mimic the behavior of the Program Manager’s “Run...” command. Suitable Win9x.
Review 49kB

FTaskman v1.24
Enhanced task manager offering hidden program control, etc. Suitable Win9x.
Review 50kB

NBL DiskDuplicator Classic
Duplicate floppy disks quickly; read once, copy many times. CFS download
Review/screenshot 107kB

Web Hosting

Screen Thief
A screen capture utility that captures multiple DOS or Windows screens and saves them in BMP, TIF or PCX format; features many commandline switches, good in-built help, saves captured screens with unique filenames, and more. DOS, not suitable for Windows XP.
Review/screenshots 38kB

Spectra (formerly “WinDos”)
A unique mouse-driven GUI MS-DOS file manager which offers similar features to the Windows File Manager; includes built-in fonts & music, support for file compression, hotkey support, etc . Requires mouse, 386 CPU, 640kB RAM, VGA card.
Review/screenshot 1.18MB

Extended Operating System Loader (XOSL) v1.1.2
A full-featured boot manager with an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI); features up to 24 boot items, automatic booting (with timeout), auto boot last operating system, boot DOS/Windows 9x on any drive, support for hard disks larger than 8GB, etc. Requires VESA VBE 1.2 compliant display controller.
Review/screenshot 143kB

A Timely Exit
Handy Win 3.1 (suitable Win9x) exit/restart/reboot utility displaying time/date.
Review/screenshot 94kB

System Analyst for Windows (SAW)
Excellent Win 3.1 PC/system analizer. 386/486 only, not Pentium class.
Review/screenshot 441kB

eXtended FDisk
A boot and partition manager (DOS FDisk replacement); features multiple operating systems booting from one hard drive, easy-to-use partition manager which supports all major operating systems (16- & 32-FAT, NTFS, Linux, etc), MBR save, and more. DOS. CFS download
Review/screenshots 41kB

Powerful boot manager which will allow several operating systems on the one hard drive; features up to 36 simultaneous independent partitions, up to 20 operating systems using any 4 of 36 partitions, built-in FDisk, etc. CFS download.
Review/screenshot 75kB

An enhanced, though smaller, version of the handy DOS utility of the same name; adds command, path and filename auto-completion using the TAB key at the DOS command line. DOS, suitable for Windows 95 & 98 (not Windows ME or later).
Review/screenshots 6kB

MyFormat v1.4.2
A low-level format utility to format "TRACK 0 BAD" 1.44MB floppies and make a "TRACK 0 BAD" floppy DOS bootable. DOS but suitable for use with Windows.
Review/screenshot 16kB

Alien Launchpad v0.99
Great Win 3.1 (suitable Win95) buttonbar launcher with 11 presets. Requires VB300 runtime DLL.
Review/screenshot 16kB

Partition Manager
Create, delete, resize partitions, format FAT-16 & 32, plus boot manager.
Review/screenshot 141kB

Partition Resizer v1.3.0
Resize/move partitions on hard drives up to 2TB. DOS.
Review 87kB

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