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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

Whisper 32 v1.16
Password manager encryptes passwords for security purposes; stores all passwords in one file, password protection, built-in password generator, passwords may be set to expire at user-configurable intervals, uses the Windows clipboard to transfer passwords, and more.
Review/screenshot 406kB

TriDComm v0.5
A Norton Commander-style file manager offering the file and directory folder icons as 3D objects; it supports the usual file manager controls (copy, move, rename, view, edit, delete, find, etc) and has ZIP file handling. Requires 3D graphics card & OpenGL.
Review/screenshots 418kB

Support Assistant v2.0
Collects information from your system for support staff, or anyone else who needs this information, to help sort out any problems with your computer; features "copy to Clipboard" and "save as text file" options.
Review/screenshots 364kB

TaskZip v1.04
A system agent that will automatically archive specified files and folders into a single ZIP file (PKZip compatible format). Note: can have problems with COMCTL32.OCX versioning (specially with Windows 95).
Review/screenshot 1.78MB

Zoom Shell v3.1c
A command line tool that can be used instead of the ‘Run’ command on the Start Menu, and includes some built-in Unix-like utilities; features aliases, scripting, remembers last command, large number of configuration options, etc. Requires MSVCRT.DLL.
Review/screenshots 1.78MB

Panorama 32
Excellent wallpaper manager, supports BMP, GIF, JPG & PNG formats; change your wallpaper at any interval (from every second up to every 24 hours), wallpaper may be changed in random or sequential order, can automatically tile small bitmaps, and more.
Review/screenshot 491kB

Program Launcher
Launch up to five groups of programs, containing up to five programs in each group, simultaneously, manually or by a timer.
Review/screenshot 165kB

Restart Windows
Easy-to-use utility to restart Windows; features a 5-second countdown so you can cancel the restart easily. Requires VB40032.DLL runtime file – versions for Win95/98 & XP and later.
Review/screenshot 15kB

QuickResource v2.01
Displays free GDI, System, & User resources as a three-in-one meter-icon in the system tray, and sends a low resource broadcast (WM_LOWRESOURCES) to all of the running applications.
Review/screenshots 10kB

Displays all the fonts installed on a computer; features a character map of each font, you can define a sample text string, select the font attributes displayed (bold, italic, underline, & strikeout), print font samples, and more.
Review/screenshot 691kB

Merge Directories
Combines two directories into one, with files in the original directory moved to the destination directory and automatically renamed if necessary; adds a text file in the destination directory detailing exactly what files were moved/renamed.
Review/screenshot 21kB

Rename File Extensions
Single or batch rename of file extensions; rename all of the files in a folder, a selection of files in a folder, or just one file.
Review/screenshots 946kB

Web Hosting

Font Compare
Compares up to three installed TrueType fonts at the same time; features the ability to check text, the alphabet, numbers, punctuation, special characters or International characters, change font size, change text, etc.
Review/screenshot 1.48MB

Disk Space Recovery Wizard Freeware v1.0
Finds wasted clusters on a hard drive (C:\ only) and recovers them, removing temporary data and therefore reclaiming lost space. Advertiser supported, Win9x only.
Review/screenshot 1.73MB

Softwaremile Data Shredder
A file shredder that will totally destroy files, free space and the Recycle Bin contents; features choice of 5 data shredding algorithms, integrates with Windows Explorer shell, and more. WARNING: contains highly intrusive advertising (RelevantKnowledge).
Review/screenshots 3.31MB

FastFolder by BB v3.31
A background program giving quick access to any of 12 pre-selected folders from the desktray (next to the clock) and providing an easy way to navigate directories without opening My Computer. Nags for free registration (not needed) & requires VB6 runtime files.
Review/screenshots 92kB

Day Clipboard Utility
A clip saver that can automatically (or manually) capture and save all text or images, copied through the Windows Clipboard, as TXT or BMP files, and save them using the computer's date & time stamp. Requires Windows 98 or later.
Review/screenshots 172kB

Mutilate Swapfile Wiper
Overwrites the swapfile (and any other file) with binary zeros to keep your sensitive data out of the wrong hands.
Review/screenshot 1.76MB

FontsOnCD v0.9
A TrueType font browsing utility for creating CD font collections; features view & compare all font faces in selected folder, displays family & subfamily name of font, displays sample text in bold, italic, underline & outline form, change sample text easily, and more.
Review/screenshot 11kB

Free&Easy Font Viewer
Preview the fonts installed on your system; features browse & preview any installed fonts, scalable font size, choose any font style (Bold, Italic, UnderLine, StrikeOut), simple & intuitive interface, and more.
Review/screenshots 428kB

A simple alarm clock that resides in the desktray (next to the clock); features a choice of alarm sound (most audio files can be used), it can reboot or shutdown the computer or launch a program, and more. Requires Windows XP or later.
Review/screenshots 294kB

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