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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

The Wonderful Icon v1.5e
Desktray icon program launcher which offers a huge number of controls any open program, and also over Windows; features very low resource usage, facility to add hotkeys for both program launching and program control, etc. Not suitable for Windows XP.
Review/screenshots 444kB

Moffsoft FreeCalc
A replacement for the existing Windows calculator; features a printable/savable history tape, a re-sizeable display, double & triple zero keys, visible memory display, color schemes, minimizes to the desktray, international support for digit grouping, and more.
Review/screenshots 765kB

ESB Unit Conversion Utility
Simple to use weights & measures converter; features approximately 404 unit conversions in 20 categories, with up to 18 decimal places, full support for UK & US units (inc conversion between), and includes fuel consumption figures. Requires Win98 or later.
Review/screenshot 969kB

Offering tremendous control over the CapsLock key; features changing the CapsLock to Tab key, disengaging CapsLock when the Shift key and another key are pressed, audible warning if CapsLock is on and typing continues, disabling the CapsLock completely, etc.
Review/screenshots 1.44MB

Smart Data Recovery v3.5
A data recovery tool that supports the FAT & NTFS file systems, recovering data from hard disks, digital cameras, and any type of storage media; features recovery of any deleted files even if the partition table is lost. Nagware, requires Windows XP or later.
Review/screenshots 838kB

A secure password manager that saves & protects login information, passwords, etc; features drag 'n drop identity info to any form, built-in encryption, unlimited users & data files, built-in password generator, and more. Requires Win98 or later.
Review/screenshots 801kB

Checks all data on a drive (fixed or removable – includes Zip drives, CD-R, floppies, hard disks, etc) to ensure that it can be accessed successfully.
Review/screenshot 182kB

HijackThis v2.0.2
A system hijack detector that can detect Web browser homepage hijacking as well as give the user control over what processes are available and what processes start with Windows; features 6 system tools, an ignorelist, and more. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 794kB

Ken Rename
A bulk file renamer; features wildcard file filtering, creates numbered file list, convert to upper or lowercase, Replace using regular expressions, built-in image viewer, EXIF support, keep only certain letters of the file name, and more. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 993kB

Recovers lost data, lost partitions and/or makes non-booting disks bootable again, when caused by human error or software failure, and can be used on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Linux, BeOS, Mac, etc partitions. Requires WinXP or later (DOS/Win9x version – 674kB).
Review/screenshots 1.48MB

Prevent Restore
Prevents deleted files from being restored by over writing, with random data, all free space on a hard drive that can contain fragments of deleted files to avoid any possibility of recovery. Requires Windows XP or later.
Review/screenshots 1.93MB

Web Hosting

Clipboard History
Stores the last 20 clips saved to the Windows Clipboard; features fast selection of previously saved clips (default is CapsLock key), provision for up to 20 "Stickies" or boilerplate text, auto-starts with Windows, and more. Requires Windows XP or later.
Review/screenshots 1.07MB

Tinnes Desktop Calendar v0.44
A highly customizable calendar that turns the Windows desktop into a traditional wall calendar; features background image rotation, add important dates (like appointments, birthdays or deadlines), optimal compact mode, and more. Requires Win98 or later.
Review/screenshots 2.09MB

Xinorbis v4.2.6b
A hard disk analyser offering a complete overview of the contents of a hard disk, folder, removable or network drive; displays data as graphs/tables/trees, built-in search, finds duplicate files, report generation, shell support, and more. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 4.26MB

Software Advisor
A tool that fixes out-of-date programs; features system scan & version comparison, system autoscan, notifies critical updates, optionally Windows Restore Point, and more. Requires Windows XP or later plus .NET Framework & active Internet connection.
Review/screenshots 4.17MB

ClipPlus v3.6
A clipboard saver which includes permanent saving.
Review/screenshot 509kB

2xExplorer v1.4.1.12
Norton Commander-style dual-pane file manager which includes an optional Explorer-style tree (3rd pane); features text editor/viewer, find files command, folder subtree data, batch file (BAT) creation, and more.
Review/screenshot 392kB

Aoao Batch Rename
A file renamer for renaming batches of files; features automatic incremental increase in digit or character, can change the case of either the filename or extension (or both), visual representation of finished filename prior to renaming, simple to use, and more.
Review/screenshot 544kB

Smart Fat Recovery
A data recovery tool that supports the FAT 12/16/32 file system and can recover data from hard disks, digital cameras, and any type of storage media (flash drives, USB drives, memory stick, PC card, multimedia card, SD card & diskette). Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 1.37MB

Smart NTFS Recovery
A data recovery tool that supports the NTFS file system and can recover data from hard disks, digital cameras, and any type of storage media (flash drives, USB drives, memory stick, PC card, secure digital card, diskette, etc). Requires WinXP or later.
(See Review Above) 1.41MB

NT File Recovery
Quickly and effectively restores accidentally deleted files from NTFS file system; can be run from a USB flash drive (requires no install) to prevent overwriting data, simple to use, file preview, restore button, and more. Requires Windows XP or later. CFS download
Review/screenshots 778kB

Crypto4 Files v2.4.51
A tool to encrypt & decrypt files & folders; features Windows Explorer integration, uses powerful algorithms to sign & encrypt files, creates signed & encrypted ZIP archives, can e-mail files/archives, securely delete files, and more. Requires Windows 98 or later.
Review/screenshots 2.10MB

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