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Frequently Asked Questions
(click on the heading to view the page which has the answer you require, or click on the actual question)


  1. Are the programs on this site really free?
  2. Why have you so few categories of programs on your site?
  3. Why doesn't the site search engine take me straight to the program information I want?
  4. What is the difference between "freeware", "shareware" and "public domain" software?
  5. Can I get a free copy of Windows from your site?
  6. Can you e-mail me a program?
  7. What is the best program I can use to...?
  8. How do I report a broken link?
  9. Why do you guys list "spyware" programs?
  10. How come so many programs get 5 doves?
  11. I'm new to computers – how do I use your site?
  12. I'm new to computers – how do I get one of these programs?
  13. I have Windows 98 – what programs can I use?
  14. I have Windows XP – what programs can I use?
  15. I have Windows 7 – what programs can I use?
  16. Why don’t you list Linux or Mac freeware?
  17. What does Win9x mean?
  18. How do I do ... in Windows?
  19. Why don't you ditch those banner ads?
  20. What’s the deal about system resources?
  21. How do I check my free system resources?
  22. Can I increase my system resources?
  23. How can I improve my free system resources?
  24. The link to the program review and screenshot won't work, why?
Problems downloading/installing programs:
  1. What do I do now that I have downloaded a program?
  2. I got a program, but where is it on my computer?
  3. What does "unzip" mean?
  4. What is an "archive"?
  5. I have loaded a program, how do I use it?
  6. What should I do if my anti-virus program tells me that a program has a virus in it?
  7. Why do I get an error message when I try to launch a program I've just downloaded?
  8. I was told I need WinZip to use a program but I can't find it on your site.
  9. I can't find a "download" link on your site – how do I get a program?
  10. I can't remove a problem program?

Please submit any questions you would like to see answered to CFS editor, Graham Pockett.

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