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  Home > Resetting Internet Explorer to Microsoft Defaults

Your copy of Internet Explorer may have “non-default” settings which will not allow you to access the Members-only section of the CFS site, or which will prevent you from viewing our pop-up Program Reviews on the Demo page.

Many ISPs, and some other distributors of Internet Explorer, make changes to your copy of IE to use proxies and/or to prevent some JavaScript functions from working.

Here are a list of “fixes” for Internet Explorer 6 which should help you access the Members-only area of CFS, and also improve access to other sites. If you do not already have Internet Explorer 6 you should update to the latest version before making these changes. This will also ensure that you have all the latest security and bug fixes.

Note: setting #4 is not a Microsoft default setting, but it is one which we believe improves IE considerably. By default IE does not check that a page has changed every time you visit it and will often just grab a copy of a page which you had previously visited without checking if that page had been updated. This setting ensures that IE checks each page every time you visit it.

TIP:If you print this page you can have a hard copy beside you when you check the settings.

Resetting IE 6

Go to the Tools menu (on the top row next to “Help”) and open up “Internet Options”. Check the following settings:

  1. In the “Security” tab and make sure that the “Internet” icon is highlighted. If “Default Level” is not grayed out, click on it and set it to “Medium”. If it is grayed out, make sure that the setting is “Medium”.

  2. Look for the “Privacy” tab and open that. The setting should be “Medium” (not “Medium High”). Slide the bar up or down to adjust this setting.

  3. Go to the “Connections” tab in that “Internet Options” dialog box and to the “Settings” menu (not “Setup” and not “LAN Settings”). Ensure that there is nothing ticked in the top two sections of this box (they are labelled “Automatic configuration” and “Proxy server”). Your dial up account information should be in the bottom section of that tab so do not change those settings.

  4. Go to the first tab, marked “General” and to the section marked “Temporary Internet Files” in the middle. Click on the button marked “Settings” and make sure that the top radio button is checked (“Every visit to the page”).
Now you have made the changes, close down the “Internet Options” box and restart IE.

If changing these settings do not fix your access problems, please write to CFS for more assistance. Please tell us which version you have (found in the "Help" section of the menu and scroll down to the "About Internet Explorer" section). You will see a number like "Version 6.0.2800.1106..." We just need the first two parts of that number (in this example, "Version 6.0").

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Last Updated: Friday, April 06, 2018

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