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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

Liquid War
Excellent multi-player fully configurable battle game. DOS. CFS download
Review 1.50MB

Viking Siege
An ancient Norse chess-like board game based on ‘Hnefatafl’; features challenging opponents (or play your friends), a fully integrated tutorial, 7x7, 11x11 & 13x13 board sizes, and many configurable options. DOS, but suitable for Windows. CFS download.
Review/screenshot 383kB

Wetspot II v1.3
A 1 or 2 player arcade game like the old Bubble Bobble & Pengo games; features 50 levels, 7 different enemies, bonuses, high scores, music, optional extra worlds, etc. DOS but playable under Windows Win9x/ME/XP (see Review), requires 360kB memory & 1.3MB EMS.
Review/screenshots 391kB

Cash Invaders
A Space Invaders clone where you shoot aliens to earn money and, with that money, buy power-ups; features 100 levels plus 9 bonus levels, 10 powerups, ray-traced graphics, good sound effects, optional joystick, and more. DOS, requires Pentium 133.
Review/screenshots 389kB

High Octane
A top-down, tile-based racer; features 14 courses, 8 tilesets, 32 hand-drawn cars, 7 championships, advanced course editor, in-game CD player, and a ton of unlockable cars and game modes. DOS, suitable for Win 3.1 & Win95/98 but not for WinME, XP or later.
Info/screenshot 3.29MB

Free Abuse (aka fRaBs)
A futuristic side-scrolling action shooter set in an underground prison where genetic experiments are being carried out; features 27 levels, 10 weapons, 5 powerups, a huge variety of enemies, level editor, and more. DOS, suitable for Windows, incl XP.
Review/screenshot 5.41MB

Charlie the Duck
A side scrolling platform game, in the style of Super Mario Brothers, where you collect diamonds and coins while avoiding all sorts of wildlife; features 3 levels per world (1 world to start) plus Boss level. DOS, requires free on-line registration to unlock 2 more worlds.
Review/screenshot 405kB

AntiTron v0.94b
A space arcade action, where you must save the four planets of the Solaris solar system from alien invasion; played in three parts like three separate games. DOS but playable under Windows.
Review/screenshot 1.71MB

Peach’s Dream
A Mario-type side scroller but instead of just going through one level after another you have to get items from one level to pass another one; features 5 levels with 2 stages per level, lots of powerups, good animated graphics, and more. DOS but playable under Windows.
Review/screenshot 293kB

Gene Splicing v1.0
A futuristic role playing game (RPG) located on the Moon Base, and you have been called in to investigate because an alarm has been sounded at the Skycorp Research Facility. DOS, requires 386/33MHz & VGA video card, plus mouse & sound card recommended.
Review 2.06MB

God of Thunder
A puzzle/top-down adventure (like some old Amiga arcade games) where you play the mighty Thor; features 3 parts, lots of puzzles to solve, lots of baddies to fight, good VGA graphics, and more. DOS, suitable for all versions of Windows up to Vista (32-bit).
Review/screenshots 2.06MB

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Deluxe edition
An enhanced version of this famous edutainment game where you travel around the world trying to find the evil Carmen Sandiego and her V.I.L.E. henchmen; features enhanced graphics, speech, and more. DOS, suitable for Windows (best with DOSbox).
Review/screenshot 4.08MB

South Park
Kenny must save Stan, Cartman and Kyle from the evil North Park residents. DOS.
Review 2.69MB

Hunting Season
Amusing shooting gallery style game with many unusual elements including purchase of weapons, high score on the Net, multi-player support, 40 levels, etc.
Review/screenshot 1.80MB

Lunatix: The Insanity Circle
A graphical text adventure where you, Dr Hammer, get a taste of what it is like to be a patient after you get locked inside your own lunatic asylum; your only course of action is to try and escape. DOS. CFS download
Review/screenshot 809kB

The Trials Of Odysseus Kent
A short adventure game (RPG) about treasure, death and disappointment in which you play Odysseus, a young treasure hunter seeking a bonanza known as the Lost Treasure of Randolph McBoing (also a Win9x/ME version – 762kB).
Review/screenshot 925kB

Star Mines II
An Omega Race style space shooter where you search for Bonusoids while avoiding or shooting alien objects as you move through a 2D maze; features good 256-color graphics, optional level editing kit (222kB), lots of powerups, etc. DOS, suitable for Windows 9x/ME/XP.
Review/screenshots 148kB

Fun Winter game where you pelt the local neghborhood kids with snowballs; watch out, if you get hit too many times your body temperature will fall and the game will be over. Win 3.1.
Review/screenshot 1.06MB

Pc Cheat Factory
A graphical database program which has hundreds of cheats for PC games. DOS.
Review 464kB

The Continuing Adventures of CyberBox v7.54
A challenging puzzle where the object is to escape from each of 15 rooms, ideally as efficiently as you can, by pushing and pulling boxes around; Sokoban on steroids! DOS.
Review/screenshot 197kB

Billiards Esnuka
Computerised game of billiards, pool, snooker and three original games; features 10 computer players (each with a different level of expertise), choose the angle, spin & impulse of the cue, an 8 player tournament, and more. DOS.
Review/screenshot 293kB

Save humanity with this classic RPG game which is set in the future on the planet, Avalon; features optional Win95 shell & music pack (337kB), great sound effects & music, classic RPG graphics, & good storyline. Requires Pentium computer.
Review/screenshots 1.39MB

An excellent Boulderdash clone (also called a ‘labyrinth’ game) based off an old Amiga game and ported to the PC in 1991; features 111 levels (over 1000 available at the author’s site), excellent graphics, sound card support, optional ‘gravity’, and lots more. DOS.
Review 288kB

Detris Gold v1.1
Superb Tetris clone with sound, one of the best DOS version we’ve seen!
Review 893kB

The Jetsons in Mealtime Malfunction
In the Jetson’s space-age kitchen the push button food processor has gone berserk so you must use Rosie the robot to block the flying food and prevent little Elroy from getting splattered.
Review/screenshot (Win9x) 2.48MB

Web Hosting

Rottus’ Bricks
DOS puzzle based off Microsoft’s “Klotski” but with 48 levels. Needs mouse.
Review/screenshot 99kB

PilgrimQuest II
Join the Pilgrim Fathers; playable demo, follow history or change it!
Review 5.05MB

Laser Tank
Action/puzzle game with 770 levels plus level editor, 5 categories of difficulty for levels, 50 level deep undo, global high score list, etc; move your tank to the flag on each level and cleverly avoid all the traps. Win 3.1.
Review/screenshot 310kB

Bricks ‘Orzac’ Puzzle
A DOS logical puzzle game where you must slide around the blocks so that the red block can be re-positioned in the minimum possible moves; submit your scores and win prizes. Direct download. Suitable for Windows.
Review/screenshot 207kB

A strategy puzzle game using a laser beam where you must direct the beam to destroy the detonators and clear the laser receiver so you can exit the level; features 63 levels, excellent animated graphics & music, challenging gameplay, and more. Requires Win3.11 or later.
Review/screenshot (Win95 version) 502kB

Bananoid v1.00
An Arkanoid clone using an extra wide screen view (wider than a monitor screen) that is quite difficult to play but extremely rewarding when you do succeed. DOS but suitable for Windows (including XP), requires VGA or MCGA, mouse, 286-10 or better.
Review/screenshots 47kB

Crystal Stacker
Falling bricks puzzle based off ‘Columns’ where you have to match up the colors to get groups of 3 so that the blocks disappear; features one or two players, choice of themes, theme editor available, music, etc. DOS (requires 486 CPU or better) – suitable for Windows.
Review/screenshot 397kB

Race along highways suspended in space, jumping obstacles, driving through tunnels and picking up bonuses along the way; features a total of 30 roads, 3D graphics, and more. DOS – suitable for Windows (including XP). Also SkyRoads Xmas Special (587kB)
Review/screenshot 580kB

Megapede 95 v0.4c
A DOS game based off the old Space Invaders; hilarious fun.
Review/screenshot 1.25MB

H Block v1.2
Prison maze game based off the 1980s Australian TV soap, Prisoner: H Block.
Review 3.59MB

Classic DOS Games
A superb collection of over 75 original 1980s games, most in the BASIC language (GWBasic included with download), which includes the famous text adventure ‘Temple of Loth’, plus ‘Moon Lander’, ‘Hopper’, etc. DOS.
Review 677kB

The Terror
A top-down vertical scrolling arcade shooter; features 9 scrolling levels, 5 large bosses, 7 Weapons, over 12 unique enemies, 256 colors, & the story is shown in game cutscenes. DOS – suitable for Windows, requires 486 @ 66MHz, 640kB RAM & VGA graphics card. CFS download
Review/screenshot 187kB

Bubble Puzzle 1.3 for DOS
Addictive SVGA game which seems almost too easy...
Review/screenshot 369kB

Get 5 v4.3c
Place five marbles in a line anywhere on the board; excellent ‘Connect 4’ clone. DOS.
Review 142kB

Win Euchre v1.1
Win 3.1 Euchre cardgame (like 500); includes good Helpfile for people who haven’t played before.
Review/screenshot 130kB

3DCubes v1.5
Excellent 3D Tetris/Blockout clone; go get it! Win 3.1 but suitable for all versions of Windows, including XP.
Review/screenshot 1.0MB

A simple pinball-like game where a ball is dropped from the top of the screen with the object of trying to hit various objects.
Review/screenshots 641kB

Sokoban v2.2.5
Win 3.1 version of the classic Japanese puzzle “warehouse man”.
Review/screenshot 42kB

Kyôdai Mahjongg v1.21
Traditional Win 3.1 version with timer, moves available & hint features.
Review/screenshot 50kB

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