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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

RusCell Malachite
Terrific Russian FreeCell cardgame. Requires 800x600 hi color display.
Review/screenshot 326kB

Zeroth Zone v1.2
Space action game based off the horizontal scrolling arcade classic, ‘Scramble’. DOS, suitable all versions of Windows including XP.
Review/screenshot 248kB

Darkness Of Space v3.0
DOS-only 3D space action/adventure game. Requires joystick.
Review 16.7MB

PyroPaddles II v1.4
Challenging multiplayer (or against the computer) circular paddle game; with bonuses. DOS, suitable Win9x.
Review 175kB

Traffic Computer v1.1
Arcade game where you control traffic lights to keep the traffic moving. Win 3.1 or later.
Review/screenshot 52kB

Action tank game in which your goal is to destroy enemy Vehicles, Airplanes, Turrets, Migs and Enemy Bases through 12 unique levels. Requires DOS 6 & P100 CPU.
Review/screenshot 400kB

Bible Baseball for Windows v2.6f
A fun Bible-based game for the whole family where you answer Bible questions (easy for a single run, harder for a double or triple, and much harder for a home run) and get your men around the diamond; features excellent graphics & sound effects.
Review/screenshots 672kB

Unscamble the puzzle; like an easier 2D Rubik’s cube.
Review/screenshot 284kB

Excellent two-person ‘combat/action’ game. DOS.
Review/screenshot 150kB

Sint Nicolaas
Run ’n jump game about Sinterklaas, the Dutch tradition of Santa Claus, who has had his gingerbreads and presents stolen but the thief has left a trail of them which must be collected and given to the children. DOS.
Review/screenshots 163kB

The Hollywood Murders
A text/graphics adventure game which puts you into the shoes of a hardboiled 1950’s private eye; features SVGA graphics, sound effects, an Infocom-style parser, and more. DOS (suitable for Win9x/XP) but may need a DPMI host. CFS download
Review/screenshots 2.48MB

A traditional card game from Venice (similar to Euchre or 500) using a 40-card Italian pack; features Italian & English language support, 12 regional card packs to download (including an English pack – 169kB), scoring, and more. Requires Win 3.1 or later & VB3 runtime files.
Review/screenshots 929kB

Lemmings@War v1.2
Muliplayer action game, like a combination of Lemmings and Worms, for 2 players; features 2 separate games, 25 levels plus level editor instructions, add your own music, and more. Requires 256 colors, DOS.
Review/screenshot 857kB

Based off the cardgame Uno® by Mattel and play against up to 3 computer opponents; features excellent animated graphics, mouse control, auto play, speed control, easy to follow rules, etc. DOS.
Review/screenshot 52kB

Dark Woods 2 v1.0
An ASCII-based 2D graphical adventure/puzzle game where you (Eduin) must travel into the Dark Woods to try to find your village; features 11 levels plus instructions on how to make your own maps. DOS.
Review/screenshot 66kB

An action/adventure RPG set inside a mountain where you must fight the evil enemy and save the kingdom; features a good selection of game characters to choose from (each with various attributes), SoundBlaster compat, etc. DOS, but suitable for Windows (including XP).
Review 692kB

Web Hosting

A BoulderDash style game where you must collect enough "Infotrons" and get to the exit of each level; features 111 levels, good VGA graphics, challenging gameplay, and more. DOS (best played in pure DOS), but suitable for Windows (including XP – see Review).
Review 288kB

A small MS-DOS game where you guide a wurm though a cave (a remake of the PalmOS game, SFCave); features 10 levels of play, 3 levels of difficulty, simple & unique gameplay, addictive, fun to play, high scores, and more. Suitable for Windows.
Review/screenshot 19kB

Begin (versions 1.65 & 2)
A tactical starship simulation based off the original Star Trek television show; download includes both text and graphics versions plus an 18-page manual. DOS.
Review/screenshot 207kB

Chart Wars v2.0
Create your own record label and fight the chart wars against all the major labels with this text adventure simulation game; you must sign & manage bands, release albums & singles, arrange tours, manage your staff, balance the books, and more. DOS.
Review/screenshots 224kB

Dark Ages I: The Continents
Classic style RPG (role playing game) where you play a young hero who quests to avenge his family’s death and you must use both your sword and your wits to succeed; features sound (requires SoundBlaster card), fun gameplay, save game, and more. DOS. CFS download
Review/screenshots 383kB

Excellent Tetris clone for 1 to 3 human players or play against 2 computer opponents; features versions with or without SoundBlaster sound. DOS
Review/screenshot 31kB

Unofficial Tournament
A top-down 2D shooter for 1 or 2 players; features choice of 10 combatants, 25 maps, 1 to 8 computer opponents, 4 levels of difficulty, 4 levels of ‘blood & gore’ (from ‘none’ to ‘alot’), time limit on gameplay (from 5 seconds to over 8 hours), and more. DOS.
Review/screenshots 146kB

Star Trek Chesepeake
An RPG (role playing game) where Commander Ryan Ramses has been ordered to take the USS Chesepeake ito the Klingon, Romulan & Federation border to investigate a recently created anomaly. DOS, suitable for Windows (including XP). CFS download
Review/screenshots 254kB

Strategy-based one or two person boardgame. DOS.
Review 46kB

Carvin v1.0
DOS/Win9x action game; snowboard down mountain trails collecting tokens and hitting jumps. Requires maths co-processor (included with 486DX and all Pentium class computers).
Review 359kB

Mahjong tile game, with original Chinese tileset; try it!
Review/screenshot 27kB

Mortal Pong v0.5c
The old pong paddle game, with attitude; great DOS fun.
Review/screenshot 332kB

A fun DOS text adventure where you are Sidney Widdershins and you have been sent to your Grandad’s spooky manor house for the school holidays; features over 200 objects, challenging puzzles, amusing storylines, hints, a large vocabulary, save game, and more. CFS download
Review/screenshots 165kB

Addictive checkers-like boardgame with great sounds. Includes 16 & 32-bit versions. CFS download
Review/screenshot 55kB

Dungeon v12
Excellent maze game for ages 8 to 12; try it!
Review 350kB

Netmaze v3.8a
DOS multi-player LAN network-only game; shoot tanks on a 2D landscape.
Review 207kB

FakeDOS v1.0
An interactive prank which ‘responds’ to real DOS commands sufficiently to fool even DOS experts; a fun way to lose friends! DOS.
Review/screenshot 62kB

Addictive puzzle where adajcent colors are matched to remove tiles.
Review/screenshot 307kB

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