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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

Intellivision for PC: Volume 1
Three ancient games (Astrosmash, Skiing, and Utopia) originally created for Intellivision which have been ported to DOS and released as freeware.
Review/screenshot 307kB

Cheesy Invaders v0.8c
Another funny re-make of Space Invaders; great DOS fun.
Review/screenshot 619kB

Scrambled Eggs
A Bobble Bubble style action puzzle game where you match three or more eggs of the same color to have them hatch into birds and fly away; features 1- & 2-player modes, support for joystick, good graphics, and more. DOS, suitable for Windows (including XP).
Review/screenshot 122kB

Crazy Cows
Control an army of mad cows with this strategy turn-based game. DOS.
Review/screenshot 1.09MB

Tetris Lite v1.5
Excellent Win 3.1 version, includes ‘next piece’, ‘high scores’, etc.
Review/screenshot 106kB

Boulder Dash 2000
Excellent DOS clone of this wonderful old game; with accurate gameplay, levels, etc. Requires fast Pentium (200MHz or faster), fast video card fully supporting VESA, Sound Blaster or compatible, and at least 480k of free memory. Download 1993 version.
Review/screenshot 63kB

Indian Commander in Robot Confrontation v1.0
Kill the robots in this DOS 2D side-scrolling action platform game; features 6 levels, 256 colors, save/restore game (only at the start of a level), sound effects, etc. Requires VGA card & Pentium 100 CPU and must be run in pure DOS (not under Windows).
Review/screenshot 208kB

Joker Memory v11.3
A game of concentration for 2 to 14 players from age 4 to adult; features a choice of 10 to 40 cards, optional Joker, 9 different image sets, choice of 10 card backs, up to 10 pre-configured games, includes 400 card faces, and more. Requires at least 256 colors.
Review/screenshot 28.6MB

Space Crusaders v1.3
Classic remake of the old ‘Space Invaders’ game using many of the original elements but offering better sound, graphics and animation.
Review/screenshot 1.11MB

Roast ’em v5.0h
DOS tank shootem-up with sound & variations.
Review/screenshot 502kB

The Legend of Saladir
A roguelike, RPG ASCII text adventure game, set in a fantasy world called Salmorria where you have been given the shoes of a burly adventurer seeking glorious quests and huge amounts gold. DOS, requires i386 or better CPU & DPMI-services (suitable for Windows).
Review/screenshots 286kB

Web Hosting

Word Search
Create printed or HTML word search puzzles; features up to 60 words per puzzle, 57 puzzle shapes supplied (heart, key, airplane, etc), use clues instead of naming the words, and more. DOS, must run in full screen mode.
Review/screenshot 127kB

Superb chess game with human/human, computer/computer, etc modes. DOS, requires VGA screen ( CGA screen version).
Review/screenshot 70kB

Nephew’s Puzzle Pack
Four separate DOS puzzles: Detention Tic Tac Toe (5 opponents), Scary Nightmare (maneuver the serpent to collect the gold), Part Time Job (manipulate a stack of colored boxes ), and Marbles (guess the sequence of marbles, given the clues provided). Nagware.
Review/screenshot 72kB

The Treasure of Happiness
Nicodemus has lost his Treasure of Happiness somewhere in the Maze of Life and, as he walks through the maze, he has to make the right decisions and he will eventually find the treasure. DOS, requires 286 CPU & VGA display, game includes Christian teachings.
Review/screenshots 390kB

EITtris v1.30
Multi-player (1~4) Tetris clone; SVGA & SoundBlaster support.
Review 490kB

The JokeGame
A cross between ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ & ‘Hangman’. DOS.
Review/screenshot 477kB

Galactical Apocalypse v1.0
‘Space Invaders’ clone with great animation and sound. Win 3.1.
Review/screenshot 619kB

Basic PacMan-type maze game, with an excellent Helpfile. Win 3.0 & later.
Review/screenshot 45kB

Space Invaders
Total nostalgia, exactly like the 1970s original! DOS.
Review/screenshot 57kB

Classic DOS arcade game designed to be an exact copy of the original; for nostaglia buffs only. Souce code included.
Review/screenshot 26kB

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