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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

Capture Express v1.0b
Screen capture on steroids; features an enormous array of shapes (polygons, triangles, rectangles, circles, stars, etc) and any combination of border and background color. Advertiser supported (Radiate).
Review/screenshots 782kB

A Web gallery creation tool that can read different image formats and create a Web gallery; includes a free autorun utility to show the gallery when burnt to CD-ROM, FTP support, and more. Requires Windows XP or later. Alternative author's download
Review/screenshots 2.73MB

WinSnapShot CMD
A command-line screen capture tool; captures specific window or all desktop, can capture specific window by its name, can activate a specific window when capturing, capture to file (PNG or BMP) or Clipboard, and more. Requires Windows XP or later.
Review/screenshot 465kB

An on-line/off-line drawing tool in which a drawing can be jointly edited over the Internet, or it can be created/edited off-line; features good selection of brushes, smudge & blur, co-operative drawing, chat, and more. Requires Windows XP or later.
Review/screenshots 745kB

Falco Auto Image
An image editing tool that supports BMP, GIF, PNG & JPG files; features 11 effects (Contrast, Brightness, Invert Colors, Blur, GrayScale, Sharpen, Crop, Resize, etc), supports scanners & Webcams, add text, rotate image, and more. Advertiser supported.
Review/screenshots 1.93MB

Colors Builder
Creates harmonious color circuits for Websites and helps form sets of palettes for Web design; features choice of algorithm to change colors sets, input via hexadecimal color or from created sets, saves to Clipboard, Russian/English interface, and more.
Review/screenshots 184kB

Free DWG Viewer
Opens and displays AutoCAD DWG, DXF, DWF & secure CSF formats; features full zoom/pan/eyeglass/layering controls, saves views to JPG, supports accurate snap to point measuring, supports AutoCAD r12 to 2006 files, and more. Requires Win98 or later.
Review/screenshots 13.2MB

PicJet Studio
A digital photo enhancer that can create collages, add a date stamp, convert images to a nominated format, & resize images; features drag 'n drop, either creates new image in same folder or overwrites, variable JPG quality, and more. Requires Win98 or later.
Review/screenshots 1.35MB

Plugin Commander Light
Organize Photoshop-compatible plugins, Premiere plugins and After Effects plugins, convert between different plugin formats, batch process image files, manage files, to view and edit images, etc; a complimentary tool for use with Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paintshop Pro, Corel PhotoPaint, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, etc.
Review/screenshot 3.66MB

Web Hosting

GIMP for Windows
Photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. ‘GNU Image Manipulation Program’ ported from Linux.
Review/screenshot 7.48MB

Tiera-Zon v2.9
A powerful full-color fractal generator; features Julia Video mode, creation of video fractals, full control over all aspects of the formulae, etc. Tutorial in PDF format (297kB).
Review/screenshot 492kB

Paint XP
The Windows XP version of the popular Paint program with the old interface, well-loved by users for many years. Requires Windows 7 or later.
Review/screenshots 1.03MB

Falco GIF Animator
Image editor and GIF animator that supports JPG, GIF (animated), PNG, BMP, ICO, CUR, ANI, TGA, TIF & ICL formats; features extensive image editing tools, Wizard to create animated GIF banners, supports TWAIN devices, file preview, image printing, and more.
Review/screenshots 17.1MB

Screen capture utility which captures full screens, windows, screen objects, rectangles, triangles, ellipses, freehand, etc and auto-saves/auto-prints the screenshot; features support for over 15 image formats, timed capture, image manipulation, etc.
Review/screenshots 1.57MB

3D modelling using raytracing; exciting.
Review/screenshot 4.3MB

Interactive JPEG Optimizer v7.01
Compresses JPEG images singly or in batches and applies a variety of creative filters plus controls color, brightness, etc; features Hotkeys to show/hide tool windows, view original & optimized images side by side, works only with a copy (not the original), and more. Nagware.
Review/screenshots 1.43MB

Converts PDF documents into individual TIF images, Multipage TIFs or JPG images through the Explorer right-click context menu. Requires Win98 or later. Note: This program requires a PDF file association – as long as there is a program associated with PDF files it will work.
Review/screenshots 5.62MB

Image Navigator
Image viewer which supports JPG, GIF (not animated), PNG, TIF, PCX & BMP formats; features slideshow, cut/copy/paste images, rename, view images rotated/inverted/zoom/fullscreen, image properties, etc.
Review/screenshots 1.23MB

Screen capture utility which captures full screens, windows & rectangles; features support for 5 image formats, basic image manipulation (flip, rotate, etc), 20 different cursors to add, 4 built-in tool applets (screen ruler, color picker, magnifier, etc), and more.
Review/screenshots 644kB

gbPlot v2.5.189
Creates colorful plots of 3D equations providing a variety of options for manipulation and examination of the resulting 3D surfaces; images can be saved in VRML and BMP formats, or copied to the Clipboard. Requires VB5 and VB6 runtime files.
Review/screenshots 3.41MB

Web Picture Creator
Creates photo albums for the Web, hard drive or CD using an HTML interface; features support for JPG images, creates its own thumbnails, HTML templates, generates HTML pages of thumbnails & fullsize images, and more. Requires Win98, WinME or WinXP.
Review/screenshots 590kB

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