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HTML Advice

A site which features HTML tutorials, plus a good selection of buttons and bars, an impressive section filled with Java scripts, and many, many other sections is HTML Goodies. Definitely one to bookmark!

Completely FREE Software editor, Graham Pockett, has posted a page on WebAuthor’s Tips which gives good commonsense and practical advice on setting up a website, plus a lot of great tips to ensure that your webpages actually get read (which, we would assume, is the purpose of posting them!). This is one page which both novice and experienced webauthors can pick up a tip from and we suggest that you make it an essential visit.

A site which provides information from the bare basics for the absolute newbie to the sophisticated JavaScript ‘magic buttons’ is HTML Is Easy. It also has some ‘neato’ Web Page Resources to move you from tutorials to the finished product.

If you would like an electronic book (with graphics) to learn the art of web basics, Web Artist will walk you through the rudiments off-line. This 1.1MB download has an optional 36kB help file, Web Artist is a DOS program which works well under Windows (Win3.1 & Win95 and later) and under OS/2. The author offers other free books on his site too.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of HTML coding and you’re all set to create that masterpiece which you expect will get at least 100,000 hits per day, go visit Art and the Zen of Web Sites and get some serious down-to-earth advice on what you should, and should not, be doing on your webpages. The advise isn’t always what you want to hear, but if you heed it you will go a lot further down that road towards achieving your target.

Value-adding To Your Site Without Using CGI

If you have a website and want to include a reply form on it, try FreedForm, a CGI-based form mailer which does not require you to know any CGI/Perl programming and nor does it require you to establish a CGI bin on your server. Both very big plusses. Fill in the on-line form and within seconds your form is created (hardest part is filling in the form!). With your raw form you can insert the HTML code ‘as is’ into your webpage, or be creative and fine tune it a little. You don’t have to be a programmer to amend the form, though there are plenty of tutorials on-line to help you if you do have a problem. It’s gotta be the easiest way to get a reply form on your page.

Another free service is FreeFind which can add a search engine so that your visitors can find their way around your site:

Many web visitors like to give you their opinion about different things. If you are interested in finding out more about your site visitors get VantageNet to host some polls for you. You can contact them to put a free poll on your website which can be modified with font colors, color backgrounds, images, etc to suit your site.


Below: sample of a 3D heading created through the Xara 3D heading maker (above):

For more information about the Xara 3D heading maker – and for instructions on how to use the tool above – visit the CFS Xara 3D page.

One of the best starting places for finding graphics is Free Graphics which links to hundreds of sites offering everything from 'Web Graphics' to 'Online Create Your Own' in 11 major categories. All the sites are reviewed and rated so you can target just the sites which are likely to appeal to you. Excellent!

If you want icons, animated GIFs, or other images, then the A-1 Icon Archive at will supply more than you can ever possibly need! It hosts, or links to, over 300,000 website graphics!

An excellent source of graphic cartoons is...

Need a banner? Use The Banner Generator to have one created on the spot. There are almost too many choices to individualize your banner so it won't look like an ‘off the rack’ one – just be patient while you try out the different options available. is a logo generator which will create a fancy logo for you, in a number of styles and with a variety of fonts, while you wait. You’ll need a Java-enabled browser to use the site but it is very fast and the results – as you can see below – are excellent. Images are presented in JPG format and are delivered quickly (specially if you use it at non-peak times).

If Christian clip art is what you're looking for then go visit ChristianArt and get yourself some excellent Christian images.


Should you wish to add midi music to your site, this is the HTML code for the song Amazing Grace (amazing.mid):

<! ==================== START MUSIC CODE ==================== >
<CENTER><embed src="amazing.mid" autostart="true" loop="true">
<NOEMBED><BGSOUND SRC="amazing.mid" loop="infinite"></NOEMBED> </CENTER>
<! ==================== FINISH MUSIC CODE ==================== >

Just copy this code by highlighting it and then pressing Ctrl-C (assuming you are working in Windows). Insert it in your page by pressing Ctrl-V, and then edit the ‘amazing.mid’ filename to the one you want to use. This code is designed to work with Firefox, Mozilla, MS Internet Explorer and other modern browsers, and repeats the music non-stop. Amend or delete both “loop=” commands if you don’t want continuous play.

If you want a copy of the ‘amazing.mid’ file get a zipped copy here.

NOTE: It appears that many midi files offered on the Internet are infringing on author’s copyright, and posting music (specially ‘pop’ music) on your Internet site could lead to prosecution. There is no defense in the argument that you are not getting paid to play the music or that “everyone else is playing it too”. Virtually all countries have identical copyright laws and prosecutions are common across country borders. Please be careful so you don’t accidently break copyright laws and find yourself being prosecuted.

Free Website Submission

Submit your site to various search engines for free using the following services. Click on the buttons below:


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