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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

Pop-Up Stopper Free Edition
A desktray-based popup window blocker which prevents popup ads and other JavaScript windows from appearing; features an over-ride control to allow a window to appear, notification when a window is blocked, privacy report, and more. Suitable for IE & Netscape only.
Review/screenshots 467kB

Simplifies the backing up of Outlook Express mailboxes, address book, etc and is useful for maintaining message stores & registry entries; features one-click backups & restores, searches, global control over some Outlook features, and more. Requires Outlook Express 5 or 6.
Info/screenshots 2.16MB

HTML & Text Editor Portable v1.0
An ASCII text editor with a 64kB filesize limit; features both split screen HTML preview (Ctrl-S) & standalone HTML preview (Ctrl-V), minimizes to a tray icon, change display font & size, 3 font colors, link to MS calculator, and more. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 77kB

Spam Nullifier
A POP3/IMAP e-mail checker to help filter spam, viruses, trojans & spyware using spam words, friend list, blocked list and algorithm rules; features password encryption, 5 security settings, and more. Note: not suitable for HTTP servers, like Yahoo! & Hotmail.
Review/screenshots 2.75MB

Weblink Checker
Checks local (internal) links by checking HTML files on a PC before they are uploaded to the Net; features a simple link editor which allows the easy repair of broken links. Advertiser supported (passive, does not establish an uplink to the Net).
Review/screenshots 216kB

SetBrowser v1.4
Sets the default Web browser in Windows very easily so you can quickly change between, say, Internet Explorer and Netscape.
Review/screenshots 43kB

Hide My Favorites v1.4
Hides selected URLs (IE Favorites) so that others (kids, spouse, boss, etc) can’t see them; features password protection (default password is “hide” but this can be changed). Requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or later & VB6 runtime files.
Review/screenshots 278kB

Adds up to 20 extra buttons directly to the Internet Explorer toolbar which can be used to launch any program or document (including a URL) on your computer. Requires VB6 Runtime files & Internet Explorer 5 or later, advertiser supported.
Review/screenshots 770kB

Web Hosting

A small utility which converts ASCII text documents into HTML documents for viewing through a Web browser; features single or bulk conversions (all the TXT files in a folder), optionally adds “t2h_” to a converted document’s filename, etc. Requires VB6 Runtime files.
Review/screenshots 12kB

A replacement for the searchbar provided by Internet Explorer offering more search possibilities; features 43 search engines including music, arts, e-mail, books, weather, usenet, translation, Internet fax, and more. Requires IE4 or later. CFS download.
Review/screenshots 577kB

Verifies the accessibility of a computer by building a list of TCP/IP devices (computers, printers & others) to verify their network connections, periodically pinging each device and notifying failed ping requests; features a traceroute function. Requires 486 or later PC.
Review/screenshots 402kB

ICS Configuration
A handy utility that makes it easy to open, close and otherwise manage ports in ICS (Microsoft’s Internet Connection Sharing); features excellent control over most aspects of ICS ports with the ability to open or close ports. Requires Windows 98SE or ME.
Info/screenshots 1.02MB

A small fast bulk e-mailer; it can create customized signatures, define templates, invoke macros, use mailing lists (with a built-in limitation of 30 addresses to prevent spamming), send CC or BCC e-mails, and more.
Review/screenshot 418kB

Take control with this DUN enhancer and program launcher; fabulous.
Review/screenshot 152kB

IDcide Privacy Companion v1.03
An IE browser add-on that alerts you when you are being watched on the Net, allowing you to decide how much personal information, if any, you want to give away; works on three levels – high privacy, medium privacy and no privacy. Works with IE v4.0 to 5.01 only.
Review/screenshot 1.31MB

AnalogX CookieWall
Decide which Internet cookies can stay on your system, and which cookies should go; deletes cookies as they arrive, notifies of new ones, or queues them to be checked at a later date. Only works with Internet Explorer and derivatives.
Review/screenshots 228kB

Internet Slideshow
Create a slideshow of your commonly accessed Websites so you can quickly go from one to another much easier than using Bookmarks or Favorites; features three categories, total of 180 links (3 x 60), minimizes to a desktray icon, etc. Requires VB6 runtime files.
Review/screenshots 185kB

ComTry MP3 Downloader v2.30
Find MP3 files on the Internet; search for the most reliable locations and download songs directly through the built-in FTP downloader. Advertiser supported.
Review/screenshot 1.37MB

JanSoft Indexer
Auto-creates a two-frame index to link-anchors in selected HTML pages; can create a HTML-based list menu, a Java-based collapsible tree menu, or a JavaScript-based tree menu with custom colors.
Review/screenshots 532kB

Domain Express v1.01
Useful tool to fast check worldwide or regional (total 145) domain name availability, register a domain using the built-in wizard, find keywords for any domain from an online search engine database, etc.
Review/screenshot 2.21MB

AdaURL v2.00
Website submission tool, submit a URL to the major search engines in seconds.
Review 1.33MB

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