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For normal site access it is not necessary to log in to the site using a special address. Members can log in to the CFS site by clicking on any of the software listing pages (to the left in the navigation section, or the links in blue below).

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You can go directly to any of the software listing pages (above) and you will be prompted to log in through a dialog box similar to the one below:

Above: the IE6 browser Form Manager

Note that both the password and the username are case sensitive, which means that you cannot insert, say, HappyLou when your password or username is happylou. You should also check that you have the correct number of characters in your password – no leading or trailing spaces.

TIP:Before clicking the "OK" button ensure the password information is correct by counting the number of characters in the password, and the number of asterisks or dots displaying in the dialog box. If that information is correct, check the "Save this password..." box and then click on the "OK" button. The next time you visit the site the Form Manager dialog box will already be filled in with the correct information and you can simply click on the "OK" button to gain access.

For more information about accessing the members only area of this site read the Membership FAQ sheet You can also get more information about using this site from the Visitor Information section.


For normal site access there is no need to log in via the special address (

For some Internet Explorer users, this address gives a "Page Not Found" message. This is due to a recent patch for the Internet Explorer 6 SP1 release by Microsoft (MS04-004) that means automatic logins are no longer supported, even though this is an integrated part of the standard RFC2617 HTTP Authentication.

Until Microsoft gets its act together and releases a patch to fix the original patch, direct access (see above) is the only way to access the members area.

Members who cannot change their password or e-mail address can ask CFS to do this manually. For security purposes, we will need to know your existing username, password and e-mail address, plus the replacement password and/or e-mail address to make the changes.

TIP:CFS recommends the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. It does not have the security problems associated with Internet Explorer and is generally faster in operation. IE is still necessary for those sites, usually created with Microsoft products, accessible only by IE Web browsers (the Microsoft way of creating a monopoly?).
CFS also recommends that Outlook/Outlook Express is not used as your e-mail client. We use Eudora Pro, but also highly recommend Pegasus Mail and Thunderbird. Because malicious hackers target Outlook/Outlook Express, its users have more problems with spyware, viruses and trojans than users of other e-mail programs.


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