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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

VOB Converter
Converts videos to the VOB video format; supports all popular video formats (WMV, MP4, VOB, MKV, FLV, VOB, MPG, AVI, MOV, etc), variable output settings (bitrate, frame rate & frame size), and more. Requires WinXP or later plus .NET Framework.
Review/screenshot 2.66MB

Acala DVD 3gp Ripper
Convert DVD movies to mobile 3GP movies for playing on a mobile phone; features 5 levels of quality (video bitrates), 3 frame sizes (from 128x96 to 320x240), rips copy-protected DVDs, and more. Requires Win98 or later plus Adaptec's ASPI driver.
Review/screenshots 3.51MB

Skinnable MPG player; features simple interface, advanced playlist editor, Internet streaming, ID3 multitagger, Xaudio MPG engine, continuous play, 8 band equalizer, etc.
Review/screenshots 318kB

MP3 Quality Modifier
Reduces the filesize of MP3s so more tracks can be added to MP3 devices and to save space on hard drives; features 5 preset quality settings, mono/stereo setting, bitrate setting, batch processing, retains all ID3 tags, and more. Requires Win98 or later.
Review/screenshots 641kB

Magic Player v1.5
Skinnable multimedia player which supports MP3, MID, WAV, AVI, MPEG plus audio CD; features low resource usage, playlist editor, ID3-tag editor, minimize to desktray, Russian/English interfaces, etc.
Review/screenshots 183kB

Extracts video files from a Web browser's cache and saves them for watching later; features support for all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera & Chrome), extracts videos from locked TMP folders, deletes cached videos, and more.
Review/screenshots 135kB

STOIK Capturer
Captures digital video from any source; features capture to AVI or WMV, ability to control any device that supports device control, ability to output DV AVI to DV camcorder, and more. Requires Win98SE with 128MB RAM, DV/FireWire/IEEE 1394 board & 800x600 hi color screen.
Info/screenshot 231kB

WAV to MP3 Encoder
Converts (encodes) WAV format audio files to MP3 format audio files; features a choice of 40 bitrates & 3 sampling rates (from 8kbps 11,025kHz to 320kbps 44,100kHz), a choice of stereo or mono, batch file encoding, WAV file preview, etc. Requires VB6 runtime files.
Review/screenshots 1.71MB

Free Mp3/Wma/Ogg Converter
A file converter that converts between MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, MP2, AAC, FLAC, etc audio formats; features conversion between all formats, batch conversion, preset output adjustments, drag 'n drop, copy 'n paste, and more. Requires Win98 or later.
Review/screenshots 4.50MB

Web Hosting

RightMark Audio Analyzer
Tests the quality of analog and digital paths of any audio devices (sound card, MP3 player, CD/DVD player, acoustic set, etc); features playback generator, spectrum plot modes (linear/log/mel), HTML reports, supports mono & stereo, and more.
Info/screenshots 6.19MB

Eufony Free Audio Player
An audio player that supports over 40 formats; features Explorer-like interface, auto plays all tracks in a folder, plays audio from video files, optionally repeats track, plays to last track, loops to first track, minimizes to tray, and more. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 1.13MB

An audio player that supports MPG, MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, WMA, ASF, WAV, MID, RMI, MOD, S3M, XM & IT formats; features 6 skins, optional always-on-top, variable transparency, playlist, minimizes to tray, and more.
Review/screenshots 8.45MB

Zg cd extractor
An audio CD ripper (extractor) that copies content from a CD to a hard drive, converting it into WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC or APE formats; features extensive audio quality options for each audio format, easy to use, and more. Requires Win98 or later.
Review/screenshots 1.09MB

Freesky Video Splitter v2.1
A tool to split, cut or trim a large video file into smaller clips; supports various formats (AVI, MPEG I/II, VCD, SVCD, DVD, VOB, DAT & ASF/WMV), splits files larger than 2GB, has an easy-to-use interface, and more. Requires Win98 or later, plus PII 350 MHz CPU.
Info/screenshot 7.05MB

Free WMA to MP3 Converter
Converts WMA, WMV & ASF multimedia files to audio-only MP3 format; features Wizard-like interface, high quality libraries, ID3 tags from input files, batch processing, and more. Requires Win98 or later. Note: this is not Free WMA MP3 Converter (cƒ).
Review/screenshots 926kB

Magenta II Free Edition
A powerful multimedia authoring tool; features easy-to-use composer, extendable Object Oriented Programming language (MPL), contains dozens of ready to use objects, etc.
Review 9.20MB

An IMDb-enabled movie collection organizer/database; features 4 movie lists, view by category (10 available), by presence, or by location, get IMDb extended movie information from the Net, client/server interaction to exchange movie lists with friends, etc. CFS download
Review/screenshots 690kB

YouTube to MP3 Converter
Extracts audio from YouTube (FLV) files and saves it to MP3 format; features 4 preset audio qualities (High, Optimal, Standard & Economy), can access FLV files from URL, option to add ID tag, and more. Advertiser supported (popup house ad when closing).
Review/screenshots 4.16MB

EchoView Pro
A suite of music calculating tools which includes a Delay Time Calculator and Grid, a Metronome, a Tap-tempo facility, a Stopwatch, and a Song Length Calculator.
Review/screenshots 2.42MB

Beatles Forever v2.70
Electronic Beatles songbook which includes more than 400 lyrics, and more than 200 Midi sound files (separate download for the Midi database – 1.12MB). Russian & English language interface.
Review/screenshots 2.13MB+

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