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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

A 32-bit, multi-channel audio editor which can record & play sounds, import & export WAV, AIFF & MP3 files, edit sound files, mix tracks, and apply effects; features built-in effects, supports VST plug-in effects, and more. Requires Windows 98 or later.
Review/screenshots 2.34MB

KraMixer DJ Software
Professional quality DJ software suitable for clubs, parties, etc; features auto/manual BPM counters, variable frequency range, sound FX/EQ, headphone cueing, 5 channel sampler, and more. Requires 1024x780 screen, 300MHz CPU, sound card (DirectX 8.1 advisable).
Review/screenshots 2.17MB

Sequencer-style mixing for the digital DJ that does not copy traditional mixers; song structure can be changed, automatically beat-matches tracks, built in recorder, filters & effects, integrated BeatMapper, midi interface, and more. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 4.73MB

KRISTAL Audio Engine
A multi-track recorder, audio sequencer & mixer for recording, mixing & mastering digital audio; features 16 audio tracks, 32 bit floating point audio engine, 3-band parametric EQ, and more. Requires Win98 or later with 1024x768 screen, plus an ASIO audio driver.
Review/screenshots 3.51MB

MODPlug Tracker
Create studio-quality music without the need for expensive musical equipment; save directly to MP3, keep in its own MODule format, save as a WAV file to burn to CD, or export to Midi format. Requires minimum Pentium 133 & 800x600 screen resolution.
Review/screenshots 2.67MB

Quartz AudioMaster Freeware v4.6.0026b
A multitrack recorder, editor & MIDI sequencer suite; features 4 stereo audio tracks, 16 MIDI tracks, effect plug-ins, per-track EQ, Aux buses, Video sync, Score, GM/GS/XG & “Piano roll” editors, etc.
Review/screenshots 2.80MB

PCDJ PHAT (formerly ‘PC DJ’)
Jukebox player with dual MP3 digital mixing capabilities, featuring dual volume & pitch control, cross-fading, play list creation and editing, integrated search, auto-play, shuffle-play, CD ripping, etc. Requires Windows Media Player, DirectX 7, Sound Card, PII 233MHz and 32MB RAM.
Review/screenshot 2.59MB

Free Media Codecs Pro
A collection of audio and video codecs; includes DirectShow filters & VFW/ACM codecs, includes Media Player Classic plus various tools, fully customizable installation, suitable for novice & expert users, and more. Requires Windows XP, plus packs for Vista & Win7.
Review/screenshots 18.9MB

Media Player Classic Home Cinema
A light-weight multimedia player for most common video (including DVD), audio & image files; features low resource usage, option to remove Tearing, support for EVR, playback & recording of television if TV tuner is installed, and more. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 4.92MB

Nullsoft Winamp
A high-fidelity multimedia player with an emphasis on music; features built-in spectrum analyzer & oscilloscope, drag 'n drop playlist editing, ID3 tag editor, access thousands of on-line radio stations, built-in pre-amplifier, and more. Requires Windows XP or later.
Review/screenshots 11.4MB

Free Audio Editor
An audio recording & editing suite; visually edit audio files, record audio from any input device, apply various effects, burn audio CDs (from MP3, WMA, WAV or OGG), download YouTube videos, extract audio from video files, and more. Requires Windows XP or later.
Review/screenshots 19.3MB

AV MP3 Player Morpher
An all-in-one audio morphing studio for digital music and movie editing; features support for most audio formats, 25 beats, 64 effects, CD ripper, and more. Requires Windows 98 or later, 1GHz CPU, 250MB RAM, full duplex sound card & free on-line registration.
Review/screenshots 6.32MB

BBox Player
A deluxe audio player that can play almost any sound format from any source; features CD player & ripper, Internet radio (PLS & ASX), music organizer, ID3 tag editor, Smart-Volume, backwards & variable playback speed, and more. Requires Windows XP or later.
Review/screenshots 5.70MB

A simple-to-use sound editor that can create & edit audio recordings, with support for WAV (multiple codecs), MP3, VOX, GSM, Real Audio, AU, AIF, etc formats; features over 20 effects, supports sample rates from 6kHz to 96kHz, CD ripper, CD burner, and more.
Review/screenshots 420kB

iWisoft Free Video Converter
A video and audio file converter & editor; features support for all major video & audio formats, HD video conversion, batch conversions, video editing (crop, trim, merge, watermark & special effects), customizable output, and more. Requires WinXP or later
Review/screenshots 8.74MB

RockN MP3
An audio recorder & editor that supports WAV, MP3, OGG & CDA formats; features 26 sound effects (incl fade in/fade out, amplify, vibrato & delay), cut/copy/paste audio, record over existing sounds (ie voice over music), and more. Requires Win98 or later.
Review/screenshots 15.1MB

Clementine Music Player
A music player with an easy-to-use interface; features optional OSD, Internet radio, tabbed playlists (M3U, XSPF, PLS & ASX), visualizations, file conversion, edit MP3 & OGG tags, downloads album cover art, queue manager, and more. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 14.4MB

Video DVD Maker
A DVD authoring tool to create DVDs in 3 clicks; it can capture from any video device (DV camera, Web camera, TV tuner, etc) or import from any video file (AVI, DIVX, MPG, WMV, ASF, MOV, etc), and burn to any CD/DVD medium. Requires Windows XP or later.
Info/screenshot 8.26MB

A skinnable multimedia player that supports AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV, WAV, MP3, etc formats, and that specializes in video & DivX playback; features playlist support, frame capture, and more. Note: this program is only free for non-commercial use.
Review/screenshots 13.8MB

Movies To DVD v1.0
A video converter to convert & burn videos to DVD; features support for most video formats, burns to DVD media or saves as ISO image file, choice of NTSC or PAL, optional widescreen format (4:3 or 16:9), variable bitrate, and more. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 6.83MB

FMaudio (full player)
A feature-rich media player supporting MIDI (using a software synthesizer, not just the onboard MIDI), MP3, streaming MP3, OGG, WAV, MOD, etc; features all basic media player functions, EQ, play list, tuner, plus includes client-side engine & browser plugin.
Review/screenshots 7.06MB

RockNAudio v2.7
An audio toolbox offering music file & playlist management; features MP3 & WAV audio player, full featured audio editor & recorder, WAV/MP3 batch file converter, CD player, CD ripper, CD burner, MP3 file splitter, playlist creator (M3U), and more.
Review/screenshots 15.0MB

A stylish audio player; supports all major audio formats, playlists, plays audio CDs (also obtains CD info from Internet), supports WinAmp plugins, automatic gain control (and Replaygain), 9 band equalizer, reverb, Net streaming, requires no installation, and more.
Review/screenshots 319kB

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