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Is is completely free?
If you have a software product which is completely free for non-commercial use and which doesn’t cease to work or become non-functional after a number of days/uses, please consider submitting it for listing on the CFS site.

What types of programs are listed?

    public domain – free, no copyright restrictions and the user can change the program code
    freeware – free, but generally the author retains copyright/ownership
    free shareware – free for non-commercial use
    free commercial – free for non-commercial use, or an older version offered free as a teaser
    fully-functional demo – must be functional (see below)
    donationware – the author does not demand payment but may ask for a donation, and
    postcardware – the author asks for a postcard in ‘payment’ for the program.
We also list advertiser-supported freeware but these sometimes receive negative comments in our review if the advertising is overly aggressive or intrusive. For example, if it changes the user’s Web browser homepage to that of the advertising company, or it places additional advertisements in the user’s Web browser window which remain active, even when the host program is closed.

Is it fully functional?
The definition of “fully functional” varies from program to program but generally the ‘Save’ function should be working and the program should be capable of completing reasonable tasks normally expected of that type of software. For example, we rejected an HTML editor because it had a filesize limit (in the free version only) of 10kB. This is obviously too small to make the product fully functional (most HTML documents are larger than 10kB).

Are you submitting your information in English?
We ask that all program information be submitted in English and that programs at least have an English language option. This is to ensure that users, whose native language is English (probably 95 percent of all our visitors), can readily use the program without the need for an interpreter. We strongly suggest that authors from non-English speaking countries offer an English translation of their program’s homepage for English-speaking visitors.

Who owns the program’s copyright?
We insist that ALL program authors and publishers read the Disclaimer which appears at the bottom of this page and specially note the second paragraph where it refers to copyright.

What information do we need?
There is a form below which simplifies the process of sending us the information we find helpful (the minimum information is the program’s name and URL). We encourage additional information and request that you add any general comments in the box provided, either about your product or about the CFS site. We would also like to know if the program requires additional files (VB runtime files, for example) which are not included in the normal program download.

Can you provide a link back to us?
We encourage software authors to link back to the CFS site from their websites and a selection of banners, buttons and logos is available from our Author’s “Award” page. If none suit your requirements, please let us know and one will be created for you. It is not necessary for you to link back to us for us to include your program in our listing.

See the special Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for software authors & publishers.

CFS “Submit Software” Form

Updating an existing listing? Please use the update form.

Your real name:   (necessary)

E-mail address:     (necessary)

Program name:    (necessary)

What is your relationship to the program?

    Software author
    Publisher; copyright holder; official distributor; etc
    None, I’m just a satisfied user

Program’s homepage:

(an information page which must link to a download page or site)

Direct download URL:
(normally not for publication unless the program doesn’t have a homepage)

Screenshot URL:

(if you have a screenshot of your program posted on-line please tell us where)

Program’s download size: (specify kB or MB)

Version number:     Build number (if applicable):

Platforms it is suitable for: (use “Any other comments...” below for more info)  
64-bit – currently not supported by CFS (see our Charter)
32-bit Win7   Vista   WinXP   WinME   Win98   Win95  
16-bit Win3.x   DOS

Special Requirements: (use “Additional special requirements” below for more)  
DirectX 9   DirectX 6   .NET 3   .NET 2   .NET 1   VB 6  

What category should it be listed under?

Is this program completely free? (see above)   Yes   No  (necessary)

Can we host a copy of your program on our server? Yes   No

Is it advertiser supported?  Other:

Brief description of program:
(try and keep to about 20 words or less in a single sentence)

Please describe the program: (be specific)

Additional special requirements: (screen resolution, 3D graphics card, RAM, etc)

Any other comments you would like to make...

Please Note: Submitting software does not guarantee inclusion on the CFS site. A program may not be included in our listing for a variety of reasons (at our discretion). Ratings are not necessarily a reflection of how ‘good’ a program is but how popular we believe it will be.


Web Hosting


The software listed on the Completely FREE Software website is provided AS IS and the WebAuthor(s) of the Completely FREE Software website makes NO WARRANTY or representation either express or implied with respect to any listed software its quality accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose.

Completely FREE Software is a program listing service and software library. It does not produce its own software. Like any library it does not enter into copyright disputes between authors publishers and copyright holders. It is up to the legal owner to pursue copyright infringements directly with a program’s author and/or publisher. Completely FREE Software assumes that ALL copyright issues are resolved (even when told otherwise) and that program authors have full permission to use the characters, concepts and ideas presented in their programs. Program authors and publishers can request that Completely FREE Software remove any listed program and this will be carried out as soon as possible. A program will also be removed if Completely FREE Software receives notification from a duly recognized Officer of the Court pertaining to a legal ruling which would prevent that program from being listed. However RESPONSIBILITY and LEGAL LIABILITY in the area of copyright rests solely with the program author and/or publisher and not with Completely FREE Software or its WebAuthor(s), staff or agents.

To the best of our knowledge ALL listed programs were completely free for non-commercial use when first listed and we encourage users and program authors to report any instances where this might not now be the case. Users are reminded that some software authors change their program’s status from freeware to shareware after it becomes popular, as is their right.

The WebAuthor(s), staff and agents of the Completely FREE Software site recognize the trademarks company names and program titles as being the property of the relative companies program authors or copyright holders and their use on this site is not intended to infringe on those rights.

We request that users consult directly with program authors if they have a problem with a particular program. We have neither the resources nor the time to try and sort out individual problems. By liaising directly with the program authors you will be helping them to keep their programs up-to-date and bug-free.

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Privacy Policy
Unless specifically requested, Completely FREE Software does not gather or store
information which could identify individual visitors to this site. Full details here.