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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

Simple to use ASCII text editor, features virtually unlimited document size.
Review/screenshot 196kB

Sachith's Notepad
Replaces the default Windows Notepad ASCII text editor; opens very large files, single level undo, find & replace, time & date insertion, optionally converts all text to upper or lower case, can be hidden to the tray, and more. Requires Windows XP or later.
Review/screenshots 8.51MB

Clipboard Express v2.3.10
Stores up to 100 text strings (maximum 250 characters each) for easy retrieval through an icon in the desktray (next to the clock); features drag ’n drop, interactive URLs, displays the current Windows Clipboard, auto-save mode, etc. Requires VB5 runtime files.
Review/screenshots 97kB

Multi Search and Replace v2.0.0
An application which allows you to replace a string of characters (or words) with one of your choosing on one or more files, fast and flexible with complete logging and will work with any file that is readable in a text editor. (Not for use with binary files.)
Review/screenshot 576kB

Note Keeper Lite v2.4
A text-based information manager which acts as a PIM (Personal Information Manager) but also as a general note respository, allowing the user to structure information using different projects, treeviews and heirarchies; features auto-backup, password protection, and more.
Review/screenshots 411kB

A tool for writing scientific manuscripts with two main sections: pre-defined (includes nested tabs for each section of the manuscript and sample text in each tab); and user-defined (15 editable sections). Requires Windows 98 or later.
Info/screenshots 3.02MB

A lightweight ASCII & RTF text editor & Notepad replacement; features full RTF text attribute settings (font, color, bullets, etc), no 64kB filesize limit, quick date insert, change case of selected text to all upper or all lower, and more. Requires VB6 runtime files.
Review/screenshots 505kB

Apex Text
A Java-based ASCII text editor; features infinite undo/redo, syntax highlighting, code templates, code completion (preview), incremental search, document templates, tabbed documents, and more. Requires Win98 or later & Java Runtime Environment 1.6.x.
Review/screenshots 505kB

A text-to-speech tool that reads a text-based file (or text copied into the program) and optionally saves it to WAV & MP3 audio formats; features volume control, reading speed control, and more. Advertiser supported, requires Windows XP or later.
Review/screenshot 3.57MB

A stand-alone spell checker that checks the spelling of any word, giving suggestions for alternatives; features no installation (is fully portable), simple to use, uses a UK English dictionary (includes some common foregn words), and more. Requires Win98 or later.
Review/screenshots 344kB

Scribble Pad v3.00
Access often-used (boilerplate) text for personal info management, document assembly, text clippings library, programmer’s sub & function library, etc; features the storage of 1922 items in 31 categories, each of which can be pasted to the Windows’ Clipboard.
Review/screenshot 965kB

Web Hosting

Randomly mixes words from two source lists to assist a person's imagination and creative abilities; features 2 sets of sample word lists (or create your own), no installation required (just unzip and use), simple to use, and more.
Review/screenshots 250kB

An Open Source programmer's RTF & ASCII editor; features encryption, syntax highlighting, tabbed document interface, FTP download/upload, plugin system, theme editor, line numbering, and more. Requires Win98 or later plus .NET Framework 2.0.
Review/screenshots 1.24MB

Write or chat in your mother tongue by typing the pronounciation in English (with phonetic transliteration); supports Arabic scripts, Central, Cyrillic, European, Indian (North), Indian (South), Biblical & Academic, Latin Transliteration, and other unicodes.
Review/screenshots 450kB

QB - Text Analyzer
Automatically generates a vocabulary list from a text sample; features sorting by frequency of use & alphabetically, exports to HTML, add translations, definitions or comments to each word, lists where a word is used, and more. Free for personal use only.
Review/screenshots 502kB

Converts any document into the Adobe Acrobat PDF format; features up to 2540x2540 dpi printing resolution, document information support, encryption with password protection, access control (7 options), format options, font embedding, and more. Crippleware.
Review/screenshots 261kB

A Windows Notepad replacement which offers a multiple document interface (MDI); features no filesize limit, you can search & replace across all open documents, you can customize the Open/Save filters & the toolbar, and more.
Review/screenshots 795kB

Stylish NotePad replacement and RTF (Rich Text Format) editor; features unlimited filesize, fully customizable toolbars & buttons, choice of 3 themes, word count, and more. Requires P166 CPU & 32MB RAM.
Review/screenshots 2.03MB

Electronic Notes
Manages electronic reading materials & takes notes (specially suitable for research students); features facility to group papers according to reading status, list the papers with full titles, search by keywords, open the papers directly, write & browse notes, and more.
Review/screenshots 316kB

Roughneck Article Spinner
An "automated ghost writer" that uses thousands of built-in synonyms to help create unique content based on seed articles; it can swap articles, replace synonyms, and/or insert custom text. Requires Windows 98 or later plus Internet Explorer.
Review/screenshots 1.39MB

Compresses a Microsoft Word document (DOC) file into a smaller, compressed, DOC file and the compressed DOC file will automatically expand to the original version when opened by MS Word. Requires Microsoft Word 97 or 2000.
Review/screenshots 517kB

A small ASCII text editor and NotePad replacement; features a built-in temporary Clipboard, a file encryption tool, a text-to-speech engine (requires Xvoice.dll 86kB), case conversions, strip white spaces, global formatting, change contrast, and more.
Review/screenshot 113kB

Designed as a text viewer for DIZ and NFO files (information files supplied with many program archives) it is also a handy ASCII text editor; extremely fast, no filesize limit, most recently used (MRU) file list, change background color, change font, text search, and more.
Review/screenshots 1.10MB

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