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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

TxE8 v8.0
RTF word processor handles large filesize, has image viewer, find/replace, undo, etc but lacks spell checker.
Review 1.49MB

A non-destructive ASCII text editor and Notepad replacement with no 64kB filesize limit; features 3 built-in themes (default, Freaky Chalkboard & Notepad Clone), split screen view, "revert to original" command, and more. Requires 1024x768 screen.
Review/screenshots 2.45MB

A SCIntilla-based text editor suitable for programmers; features direct support for 38 programming languages (plus ASCII text & RTF), multi-level undo/redo, extensive search & replace, bookmarks, syntax highlighting, unlimited filesize, and more.
Review/screenshots 417kB

A superior alternative to Notepad; features 10-level undo, block indent/unindent, alphabetization, bookmark, case conversion, encoding conversion, file history, jump to line, jump to offset, search & replace, keyboard macros, statistics, variable pitch font, and more.
Review/screenshots 2.54MB

WhiteBoard PS
A personal whiteboard that you can write on, mark up, or make notes on important things to do when you're at the computer; features auto-save last note, unlimited und/redo, font selection & attributes, and more. Requires Win98 & .Net Framework v1.1.
Review/screenshots 57kB

Text Suite Pro
A word processor & text editor with a built-in MP3 audio player; features virtually unlimited filesize, MDI interface, quick access to System tools & e-mail client, built-in tools (dictionary, character map, calculator, etc), RTF text attributes, and more.
Review/screenshots 3.33MB

A PDF reader that displays PDF files as a flip-page book; features auto-library (access all PDF files from one location), one-click library backup, drag 'n drop, one-click zoom, GoTo page, quick print, and more. Requires Java.
Review/screenshots 6.57MB

NotePad SX
An ASCII text editor and Notepad replacement with a tabbed interface; features fullscreen mode, stay-on-top mode, variable font style, change background/foreground colors, sort lines alphabetically/descending/length, case conversions, and more.
Review/screenshots 670kB

A Windows’ utility which strips the RTF formatting (colors, font info, etc) from Clipboard text so it can be pasted into a document as ‘pure text’; features hotkey activation, will optionally paste the 'pure text' into the open window when the hotkey is activated, and more.
Review/screenshots 13kB

TED Notepad
An ASCII text editor and Notepad replacement; features 9 extended permanent clipboards, many unix-like text functions & tools, extensive use of hotkeys, saves in Unicode or ANSI file formats, case conversions, partial Binary file support, and more.
Review/screenshots 142kB

Tiny ASCII/ANSI text & binary editor with no filesize limit, file split/join, etc.
Review 54kB

Web Hosting

An outliner to administer text & calculations; features tree-like structure, built-in word processor, data can be listed as text or in tables, hyperlinks, works in folders & memos, and more. Requires Windows XP or later plus free on-line registration to download.
Review/screenshots 20.4MB

A simple RTF (rich text format) and TXT (ASCII text) editor; features unlimited filesize, very fast loading (even huge text files), choice of font & attribute, file printing, single-level undo/redo, multilingual interface (English, French & German), and more.
Review/screenshots 295kB

InfoStore v1.02
A familiar Explorer-like tree structure for the creation and storage of notes & lists that can contain passwords, serial numbers, recipes, warranty information, or any data that you want to store and retrieve easily. Nagware, requires IE5 or later.
Review/screenshot 1.83MB

Notes Area v1.5
A note taker utility which resides in the desktray (next to the clock); features RTF text attributes (bold, color, italics, etc), save notes function, and more. The author would appreciate a donation of $5 if you continue to use this program.
Review/screenshots 2.68MB

Pad v2.5
Great NotePad replacement, with ANI, BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, WMF & EMF viewer.
Review/screenshot 996kB

UnReply v1.10
A Notepad replacement that can use six different cleaning tools for reformatting text that has been mangled by e-mail replying & forwarding, etc; features toolbar, keyboard shortcuts, can handle files larger than 64kB, no install or Registry entries, and more.
Review/screenshots 258kB

yBook Reader
Displays the contents of TXT or HTML files like a book, the pages of which can be turned by clicking on the right hand page (to progress through the book) or the left hand page (to go backwards); features unlimited filesize, options to change colors, fonts, etc, and more.
Review/screenshots 1.94MB

STextViewer v1.9.0
Excellent NotePad replacement; features ASCII & RTF formats plus unlimited filesize and MDI (multiple document interface).
Review/screenshot 912kB

TIM (Tekline Information Manager)
A text manager which can assist in creating 2-tier hierarchical structures of information; features Web-aware HTML links, ability to include images (BMP, GIF, JPG, WMF & EMF formats) & OLE objects, and more.
Review/screenshot 2.20MB

Cobpad Plus
Replaces NotePad plus HTML, e-mail, multi document, system file edit, etc.
Review 269kB

Angel Writer
A word processor using RTF (Rich Text Format) that can create documents containing formatted text, graphics and tables; features changing of text fonts & color, inserting images, working with tables, using hyperlinks, saving to RTF/TXT/HTML, and more.
Review/screenshots 1.46MB

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