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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

Assists in organizing the desktop by grouping icons into "fenced areas" and optionally hiding icons when not in use; features simple-to-use setup, customize color & opacity, low system impact, and more. Requires WinXP or later plus .NET Framework 2.0.
Review/screenshots 9.03MB

Winerghia Light v1.0.12
Windows optimization tool to improve hard disk reading, accelerate Internet, control system bootup, restrict access to delicate items in the Control Panel, create shortcuts, automate tasks to improve the general productivity, etc. Requires VB6 runtime files.
Review/screenshot 695kB

Vista Start Menu
A superior alternative to the Start menu that makes it easier to use and less confusing; features faster access to programs, resizable window, zoom function, adds power tools, replaces the standard Start menu, key tips, and more. Requires Windows XP or later.
Review/screenshots 2.39MB

Clean N' Optimize
A System cleaner & optimizer; features privacy cleaner, Internet optimizer, removes broken Registry keys, file & folder shredder using secure shredding algorithms, Startup & Uninstall Managers, minimizes to tray, and more. Advertiser supported (see Review). CFS download
Review/screenshots 4.05MB

YourSpy v0.6.73
Similar but more powerful than MS-Spy it can capture windows, get infomation about windows, get window modules, extract & save icons, get passwords, pick colors, inspect processes, inspect HTML, inspect PE file, and more. Requires Win98 or later.
Review/screenshots 784kB

XP Startup Tracker
Checks the current user's Start Menu & System Registry for items that load at startup; it offers a comprehensive report on those programs, as well as items currently loaded. Requires Window XP or later.
Review/screenshots 39kB

Seeks and destroys broken shortcuts (LNK files) on the Desktop, in the Start Menu, Recent Documents, Program Files folder, and other (custom) locations; features one-click deletion of broken links, Helpfile, and more. Requires Windows 98 or later.
Review/screenshots 889kB

Web Hosting

Winpulse v0.4.5
A Win32 resources indicator which shows drive space consumption, RAM, swap, CPU load, GDI/USER resources; features excellent customization (different indicators can be hidden/shown/changed, update interval, autostart with Win, etc).
Review/screenshots 644kB

Dll Orphans
Presents a Registry listing of files that are, and are not, being used along with Registry entries for files that are no longer valid, plus can delete those entries and create a back up for easy restore. Requires VB6 runtime files.
Review/screenshot 1.26MB

Smart Kit
An extended, twin-pane file manager (like Norton Commander) and a replacement for Windows Explorer; it offers a more user-friendly approach to file operations, faster file operations, ensures the safety of file & folder, and more. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 437kB

Start Menu Cleaner
Checks all the shortcuts in the Start Menu to see if they work and then gives the option to delete dead shortcuts; features a simple interface, optionally deletes empty folders, one-click operation, and more. Requires WinXP or later plus .NET Framework 2.
Review/screenshots 14kB

Startup Delayer v2.0
Delays the startup of programs which automatically load with Windows by a preset amount; features a Wizard to select any programs which currently load with Windows. Requires VB6 runtime files (for experienced users only).
Review/screenshots 1.36MB

K/oS X-Setup v2.0
Over 55 enhancements to control the Win95/98/ME desktop; terrific!
Review/screenshot 175kB

Registry Trash Keys Finder
A Registry cleaning tool that finds, and allows the removal of, unnecessary (trash) keys from the Windows Registry; features auto saving of deleted keys, RegEdit link, optional Google key name search, a 'protected items' list, and more. Requires VB5 runtime files.
Review/screenshots 150kB

Serious Samurize
A system monitoring utility with excellent configuration power capable of displaying a huge amount of information of the screen; features configurable scripts, 8 meter displays, 20 pre-configured meters, low resource/CPU usage, and more. Requires WinXP.
Review/screenshots 5.31MB

Controls the visibility of selected windows (including from the taskbar); optionally changes or removes its own icon in the tray (to disguise or hide the program), permanently hides windows (hides chosen windows), and more. Requires WinXP or later.
Review/screenshots 831kB

A file manager that uses a highly graphical interface; features built-in designer to create your own interface, supports all major archive formats, built-in image viewer, supports multimedia files & playlists, built-in text editor, supports plugins, and more.
Review/screenshots 3.66MB

WhoLockMe Explorer Extension
A Windows Explorer extension (right-click context menu) designed for spyware, trojans, etc that displays the process preventing a file from being deleted, and allows you to kill that process so it can be deleted. Requires Windows XP or later. For advanced users. CFS download
Review/screenshots 22kB

Power Defrag Lite v2.0
Improves the performance of the Microsoft disk defragmenter tool and prevents some common types of crashes. Note: not suitable for use with Windows XP – publisher says: "it is incompatible with certain newer software programs released by other vendors".
Review/screenshot 1.73MB

Fix My Registry v2.9
A one-click Windows Registry tool that fixes problems in the Registry; works in 4 areas – extension associations, Com/ActiveX entries, startup program list, and uninstall entries (it does not "clean" the Registry). Requires Windows 98 or later.
Review/screenshots 965kB

Drive Cleanup Wizard
Helps remove unwanted and unnecessary files from a computer; features deletion of temporary Internet files, Windows temp files, all files in the Recycle bin, all files with extensions BAK, ~* & TMP, optionally add other file extensions, and more.
Review/screenshots 547kB

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