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NOTE: Some programs require Visual Basic runtime files which are not included with the author’s download. If you get an error message about a file not being found after you load a program – specially DLL or OCX files – then load the applicable VB runtime library.

Quick Hide Windows
Instantly hide or close any or all windows on the desktop (including desktop icons and the taskbar) by using hotkeys; features password protection to lock the desktop, or part of it, against unauthorized use. Requires VB 6.0 runtime files.
Review/screenshots 479kB

Tweak Up
A set of Registry hacks to optimize: DirectX; CD-ROM speed; Internet setting for cable/dial-up modem; BIOS setting; CPU idle; disable IRDP which will ‘disable’ the DHCP security bug; PS2 rate for the Logitech mouse; and more. Advanced users only.
Review/screenshot 44kB

Microsoft Win95 Power Toys Set
15 terrific Windows 95 OS2 freebie-extras from Mrs Gates’ little boy. Requires Microsoft Windows 95 OSR2 (not suitable for Windows 95 OS1 or Windows98 and later).
Review/screenshot 205kB

A 3D desktop enhancement where minimized windows are displayed in 3D; features control over the look of the 3D screens (animations, transparency, transitions, etc), and more. Requires WinXP or later plus GDI+ & Visual C++ 2008 runtime components.
Review/screenshots 789kB

ZVolume Home
A replacement to the standard Windows Volume Control, putting all audio controls at hand; features hotkey control, plugin controls for other programs, skinnable (3 skins included), highly customizable, commandline paraneters, good Helpfile, and more.
Review/screenshots 765kB

Drive Mounter
Mounts any folder as a virtual drive, either permanently or until the next Windows' re-boot; features easy removal of a mounted drive, simple to use, does not need to be running to maintain the virtual drive, and more. Requires VB6 runtime files.
Review/screenshots 1.72MB

Gatineau Park screensaver
A panoramic screensaver offering 360-degree views from 5 locations within Gatineau Park, Canada; features high quality movies which automatically pan 360-degrees, area map, and more. Requires Macromedia Flash 6 & true-color (24-bit or better) screen resolution.
Review/screenshots 3.52MB

System Security Suite v1.04
Completely eliminates selected kinds of user activity and can help get rid of potentially harmful programs (such as keyloggers & Internet spies); features very simple user interface, will ‘remember’ previous settings, etc. Requires Internet Explorer 4 or higher..
Review/screenshots 268kB

Winuscon (Windows User Console)
A multi-faceted tool which puts control of the Operating System back into the hands of the operator and operates under 6 broad headings (Menu, Internet, Internet Utilities, Office, Accessories & Settings). Requires PII 300MHz & IE 5.x, recommended 128MB RAM.
Review/screenshots 5.61MB

Wright Tiny Tray Explorer v2.3
Desktray (next to the clock) icon launches Explorer; features launch style (Maximized, Minimized or Normal), close all Explorer instances, a ‘file management’ menu item which launches two horizontally tiled Explorer windows, and a Find File(s) menu item.
Review/screenshots 80kB

Web Hosting

Run two separate desktops & move windows between them; sensational!
Review 204kB

8 Christmas Fonts
A collection of 8 Christmas-themed fonts suitable for use with greeting cards or other Christmas inspired correspondence.
Review/screenshot 215kB

HSLAB Shutdown Folder Lite v1.4.1.38
Adds a “Shutdown” folder (like the “Startup” folder) to Windows so that programs can be automatically launched when Windows shuts down (data backup, deletion of temporary files, synchronization of data with mobile systems, etc).
Review/screenshots 1.84MB

“Phantom” screensaver
20 scenes from the Star Wars® movie ‘The Phantom Menace’.
Review 1.71MB

Speeds loading of applications & Windows’ menu displays, enhances multitasking, etc.
Review 1.35MB

MiThemes v0.7a
Create your own MS Plus Themes, zipped up and ready to distribute!
Review 1.18MB

Change the Windows’ default desktop icons/cursors, restore desktop positions, etc. CFS download
Review/screenshot 788kB

DeskNite v1.0
Change your Windows’ Desktop into a Planetarium-like live night sky; cool!
Review 1.36MB

eFX v0.4 beta
Change the look and feel of Windows by using different skinz; terrific!
Review 94kB

Mac-like slideout toolbar, access Control Panel, DOS prompt, RegEdit, empty trash, etc.
Review 151kB

DoWinStartup v1.0
Control all the programs that launch on Windows startup; excellent!
Review 590kB

Directory Pop-Up Menu Manager v1.2
Right-click context menu manager which allows the modification of the registry entries for the Start button/directory pop-up menu.
Review/screenshot 160kB

GravityBox RegScrub v2.1.179
A program to help control Registry entries and to clean the Registry of broken links. Suggested for experienced users only!
Review/screenshot 2.13MB

Macro facility for the Windows’ keyboard key, adds up to 200 shortcuts.
Review 1.09MB

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